The lacquering technique has been in use since antiquity. Traditionally, lacquer was made from the resin of trees. With modern techniques, lacquer is a range of clear or pigmented coatings that dry to produce a hard, durable finish. After a renaissance during the Art Deco period, lacquer has remained en vogue ever since. Finishes range from ultra matte to high gloss, and are available in the full spectrum of color. This week, we’re highlighting five luxurious lacquered designs to add shine to your space.
Aldo Bakker
Tranquil and seductive, Aldo Bakker’s Console Table floats exquisitely between sculpture and furniture. It depicts the simplest concept of a table: two columns and a surface. The tabletop and the base have the same width, making them equally important to the design. The distance between the legs is not fixed and can be repositioned as preferred. Console Table is finished with a silky mocha matte lacquer.
Alvar and Aino Aalto
Prioritizing both style and convenience, Tea Trolley 901 was inspired by British tea culture, as well as by Japanese woodwork and architecture, two vastly different aesthetics that were equally admired by designers Alvar and Aino Aalto. Their original design from 1936 now takes on a new modern, sophisticated identity in black lacquer. With a frame and handle in solid birch, the trolley’s two shelves are available in multiple finish options, including clear lacquer.
John Astbury
John Astbury’s Tung side table is both subtle and eye-catching, establishing a design that is versatile enough to fit into a range of spaces while making a statement all its own. Tung’s three curved legs allude to the columns of antiquity, while the glossy, light-reflecting surface feels fresh and contemporary. Made from lacquered MDF, this sculptural side table adds an infusion of color into your interior, while the high gloss adds a sense of luxury. Available in burgundy red or steel blue.
Tono Morganti
Carlo weaves together history and design, rigour and proportion in an intersection of rational lines. With a sleek, lacquered finish, it is the epitome of the Milanese aesthetic. Boasting a large X for the base on which rests a circular tabletop, Carlo is a reissue of the classic table first created in 1984 by Tono Morganti. Available in two sizes and a variety of stone tops.

Arne Jacobsen
Like all of Arne Jacobsen’s designs, the Grand Prix carries the distinctive qualities of Danish design and amplifies them in a beautiful fashion. Perfect for contemporary offices, cafes, waiting areas, or classrooms, Grand Prix is tasteful, approachable, and conveniently lightweight. In lacquer, the design takes on an added shine, elevating the chair further. Stackable up to 12 chairs, linking device also available.