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Functionality is a cornerstone of effective, meaningful design, allowing the furniture in our homes to become not just beautiful works of art, but welcome additions that improve the way we live. A design that folds adds a wonderful, functional element, and provides an opportunity to reconsider the role that an item plays, and how it is used—so whether you’re living in a chic and compact metropolitan apartment, or simply looking for ways to declutter and maximize your space, a folding option might be exactly what you need. This week, we’re showcasing five foldable designs that offer extraordinary functionality paired with elegant aesthetics.
Morten Gøttler
Whether your taste leans more toward contemporary or mid-century, if you’re looking for a chic, comfortable outdoor lounge chair, the MG501 Cuba Chair might just be your perfect match. The design captures everything that Morten Gøttler is known for—a clean, easy aesthetic and well-thought-out form, as well as exquisite comfort, and close attention to detail—all created using high-quality materials. Additionally, the chair can be folded and hung on the wall for added convenience, making it fantastically simple to set out and put away as needed. As we quickly enter the warmer months, Cuba Outdoor is a dream for any outdoor space. Frame in oiled teak, seat and back in flatweave rope.
Hvidt & Mølgaard
Drop Leaf was initially designed in 1956, and as the name suggests, this beautiful table is built in the drop-leaf style, with a hinged section on each side that folds down from the fixed center. In addition to offering visual elegance, the drop-leaf style of the design is incredibly convenient and allows you to save space as needed, while offering a design that can be used as both a console table or a dining table. In either form, the table offers a pleasing sense of depth and dimension, light and open without taking up too much space. The table was designed with intention, so that one person could easily fold the table on its own, without requiring an additional set of hands. Available in white oiled oak or oiled walnut.
Dan Svarth
Dan Svarth’s Rocking Chair was designed to resemble a traditional deck chair, but with a rocking capability, adding an entirely new dimension that isn’t discernible at first glance. Svarth’s architecture background allowed him to design a chair with joints that are based on how weight is distributed when the body is seated, creating a chair whose comfort is mathematically undeniable. Featuring appealing geometric angles while showcasing the beauty and versatility of natural wood, the Rocking Chair exhibits masterful Danish craftsmanship in every way. Frame in ash with seat in printed canvas.
Jan Armgardt & Ingo Maurer
Wonderfully innovative, Tattomi finds itself in an entirely unoccupied space—a fully upholstered lounge chair that folds and unfolds into a range of different designs. Multiple functions are made possible by changing different parts of the frame, making it an ideal solution for an unexpected guest or a slight pause that turns into a luxurious nap. The minimalist lines and low to the floor style are inspired by the Japanese tatami chairs and mats, while the design’s unique foldable functionality allows it to occupy a wide range of uses. Tattomi can lie flat on the floor as a bed, fold out into an elongated daybed, or fold up into a stylish armchair. Available in three sizes, the widest size can seat two people.
Fabricius & Kastholm
The Plico chair is a rare example of great design that neither compromises on comfort nor aesthetics. This foldable lounge chair takes up as little space as possible when not in use, while offering a supreme lounge experience through its soft upholstery and adjustable, fully-foldable backrest. In fact, the design takes its name from the Latin word ‘to fold,’ and though the versatile design appears simple at first glance, each chair is constructed with painstaking detail. Available in low and high-back versions, the latter has a leather-trimmed neck cushion for extra support. Straps and armrest in natural leather.