May 22, 2019
SUITE NY opened its doors to the architecture and design community this past week to host a series of events during NYCxDESIGN. The highlight of the week came in the form of a workshop with design duo, GamFratesi, and Danish brand, Gubi. Featuring Stine Gam, Enrico Fratesi, Jacob Gubi, and moderated by Spencer Bailey, the design conversation focused on the story of one of their most successful design collaborations, the iconic Beetle Chair.
GamFratesi, 2013
Our showroom was transformed by Creative Director, Chris Kraig, making the Beetle Chair design the focal point of the central presentation, with platforms showcasing the chair in its myriad of configurations—leather, velvet, and patterned upholstery illustrated the endless potential for customization with this epochal piece. Available in multiple base options, the Beetle Chair posits a focal element for your interior dining layout. Among the presentation were additional chair designs by GamFratesi, produced by GUBI, that rounded out the display and offered a sense of the scope of the designers' work. Museum-style descriptions strategically placed atop the platform display offered guests insights into the designs and contextualized the inspiration behind their form.
Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi of GamFratesi, Jacob Gubi of GUBI, and moderator Spencer Bailey with SUITE NY Founder, Maria Sepulveda
SUITE NY welcomed members of the A&D community for a special workshop and conversation entitled The Beetle Story, led by Spencer Bailey. Guests gathered in the sun-soaked SUITE NY showroom for a guided conversation that spotlighted the designers’ unique process and longstanding collaboration. The designers imparted key insights into their designs and emphasized profound respect for authentic collaboration, design tradition, and technological innovation. With a prioritization on comfort, with a unique sense of whimsy, it is no wonder that the Beetle Chair and its counterparts have fast-become industry favorites.
GamFratesi, 2017
Punctuating the view when you first enter into the showroom, over 50 Pink Beetles with plastic shells and black conical legs commanded the SUITE NY chair wall, while additional GamFratesi designs, such as the Bat chair, took center stage on our floor. There was no doubt that guests left the showroom with a prominent sense of the beautiful aesthetic and high regard for craftsmanship that defines the GamFratesi and GUBI collaboration. 
KOMPLOT Design, 2003
SUITE NY contained all things GUBI during New York Design Week. Our panelist, Jacob Gubi, sat atop the GUBI 3D Stool, a practical element that nonetheless highlighted the array of GUBI's designs. Jacob expanded on his vision for GUBI as an international brand and the importance of evolving a strong European heritage for a globalized, design-savvy future. In describing their ongoing collaboration and the integrity of their partnership, Jacob stated: "[Our collaboration] is like a good marriage, it gets better and better."
419 Park Avenue South, 17th Floor
New York Design Week proved to be an undisputed success for the SUITE NY family. The second installment of our design series, our time spent with GamFratesi and GUBI reinforced our mission to provide a thoughtfully curated experience surrounding design. The series stands to foster a sense of community and synergy amongst the designers and clients that frequent the SUITE NY showroom. In a culture that prioritizes digitization and speed, the event series is positioned to foster human connection in the name of architecture, art, design, and creativity. We invite you to stay tuned for more of these special programs in our ongoing series.

Until then, we encourage you to stop by the showroom to experience a refreshed creative design that prioritizes exciting new pieces for the season ahead. We remain enthusiastic to welcome the architecture and design community for future programs that impart a shared sense of energy and excitement for design.
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