The color graduations between the winter and summer growth of Oregon Pine results in numerous grains, giving it a distinctive appearance. Along with a timeless aesthetic, pine is durable and strong, making it ideal for chairs, tables, and accessories. The enduring beauty and quality of this wood allows designs to be passed down from one generation to the next. With so many amazing qualities, no wonder this exquisite material is back in the spotlight. This week, we’re excited to highlight five of our favorite designs showcasing the timeless elegance of pine.
Line Depping
Line Depping’s Tool Boxes perfectly demonstrate how practical design can be integrated beautifully into everyday life. With solid Oregon Pine juxtaposed against a steel frame, this contemporary design offers incredible style alongside thoughtful functionality. Each wooden shelf is meticulously crafted by expert cabinetmakers with an in-depth understanding of the material. Available in pine or color graduated ash.
Poul Kjærholm
The PK0 A™ Chair has a striking silhouette and modern presence. Poul Kjærholm designed the chair in 1952 at the very beginning of his tenure at Fritz Hansen. It remains unique to his design portfolio. Highlighting the range of his talent as a furniture designer, this skillfully curved chair – now reissued in Oregon pine – is a functional sculpture and a seminal piece of design history.
Knud Holscher
Roller Cabinet takes the functionality and convenience of a bookcase to a higher level, offering not just mobility for your collections, but allowing you to quickly close things up when not in use. Large enough to hold many items but compact enough for small spaces, this ingenious design is made of solid pine, and is equally suited for the home or office.
Hans J. Wegner
Refined and versatile with a small footprint, the PP250 Valet Chair is the perfect choice for adding convenient seating to your space. Its sculptural silhouette showcases the beauty of the natural grains of the wood. Adding to its mystique, an integrated box is hidden on the underside of the chair, perfect for storing small items. Valet is available in pine, maple or cherry, with the pine version featuring a teak seat.

Rainer Daumiller
Daumiller’s bold silhouette imbues spaces with its strong presence. Solid in construction, simple in form, and sculptural in expression, the Daumiller Armchair pays tribute to Rainer Daumiller’s lifelong affinity with nature. His choice of pine as his material demonstrates a dedication to sustainability that was ahead of its time. With comfort in mind, Daumiller ensured that the seat is generously proportioned and that the wood itself is ergonomically adapted to the contours of the body.