August 07, 2019

Summer is all about entertaining. Pool parties, terrace dinners, backyard brunches… the list goes on. And while your home may feel guest-ready, it’s the details and accessories that will elevate your event into something truly special. The right designs—whether used for centerpieces, serving, or simply decorating your space—can create an environment that is perfect for making memories with friends and family. This week, we’re highlighting five entertaining accessories to ensure your summer soiree is nothing short of magnificent. 
Michaël Verheyden
Designed as a celebration of pure, clean forms, the MV Coupe works extraordinarily well as a centerpiece as well as for serving. Made of solid oak, the stunning, natural patterns in the wood make each piece unique, adding character and dimension. While simple, the MV Coupe’s versatile minimalism and organic shape manages to feel incredibly modern and add warmth and style to your space. In its own unassuming way, the MV Coupe will manage to impress your guests and add a sense of chicness to any dining or lounge experience.
Vincent Van Duysen, 2015
There is something about the juxtaposition of wood and glass that is utterly timeless, and nothing makes this clearer than the VVD Pottery Glass collection. The combination of the solid wooden lid and smooth glass base creates an elegant conversation and retains a modern simplicity, blending beautifully into any setting. Whether used as centerpieces on your table or to store your favorite ingredients, VVD Pottery is certain to play a central role in your summer entertaining. Available in three sizes with solid wooden lid in sandblasted oak or oiled walnut, and glass base in black, transparent, or brown.
Kate Hume
One of Kate Hume’s earliest designs, Pebbles is the perfect accessory to add a pop of color while incorporating an enticing texture. Made entirely of sleek, mouth-blown glass, Pebbles’ silhouette is gentle and flowing, exhibiting a tastefulness and sophistication that quietly transforms its environment. With an emphasis on jewel-tone colors, the Pebble vase is stunning when featured alone, but even more so when shown in groups, allowing the play of shadows and layered colors between the forms to make a strong statement. Available in lime green, turquoise, night blue, bottle green, gold, cognac, dark grey green, and aubergine.
Jaime Hayon, 2016
Ikebana is the Japanese art of making flower arrangements, and Jaime Hayon’s vase will allow you to do just that. Ideal for creating beautiful, eye-catching centerpieces, Ikebana is composed of a free-standing brass structure which holds flowers in place within a hand-blown glass vase. Ikebana was designed intentionally to encourage appreciation for the entire flower, including the stem, and allows floral arrangements to assume a vital place in your home. Ikebana’s design is an exercise in combining functionality and good taste, creating an alluring sense of modernity that combines three very different elements — glass, metal, and flowers — in perfect harmony.  Available in two sizes.
Joe Colombo, 1968
Serving beverages is an essential part of any social gathering, so why not do it in style? Designed in 1968, Sferico is a mid-century modern collection of glass drinkware, defined by rounded, geometric figures. Sferico’s shapes are unexpected yet appealing, and designed to cater to specific beverages, ranging from water and wine to whiskey and beer. This elegant collection is a magnificent addition to any kitchen or home barware set, and is ideal for day-to-day use in addition to entertaining guests. Sferico’s six glasses are available as a set or can be purchased individually to suit your needs.
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