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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and many of us are scrambling to create the perfect dining table to host our friends and family. This week our Creative Director, Chris Kraig, has chosen some pieces that, when put together, create an ideal setting for your holiday celebration.
To kick off your Thanksgiving week, please tune in to CBS Sunday Morning on November 19th to see some of these pieces and more as SUITE NY has sponsored the lighting, furniture and accessories for their Thanksgiving Special!
Craig Bassam & Scott Fellows
Designed as a companion to the Circular Table Series, the rectangular Plank Table Series aims to minimize the essentials of a table to its simplest components. At dining table height, the asymmetric brass base is on full display.
David Ericsson, 2015
Each aspect of the Madonna Chair was designed with appearance in mind in order to create a chair that is visually appealing from every angle. The brass grommet detail in their leather version makes this chair a perfect companion to the Plank Dining Table.
Jaime Hayon, 2016
Composed of hand blown glass with a freestanding brass structure which holds a pattern of flowers in place, the Ikebana was designed to honor and enjoy the entire flower and not just the crown. This reimagined Japanese-inspired vase makes for a unique addition to your festive tabletop and is certainly a conversation starter!
Richard Hutten, 2011
Richard Hutten, one of the most internationally successful Dutch designers, has designed this elegant candlestick series for Skultuna. The highly polished brass in varying heights add depth to your table setting.
John Pawson, 2005
This collection represents an elegant minimum for the contemporary table. The forms are simple but powerful, uniting rigorous attention to details of scale, proportion, and fabrication with a consummate material palette. These pieces complement your table accessories, without completely stealing the show.