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Textiles are a cornerstone of any well-designed interior. From rugs to throws, textiles offer a magnificent sense of warmth and dimension, offering an opportunity to introduce beautiful textural contrasts and refreshing, dynamic colors and shapes. Whether placed in a lounge space, bedroom, office, reading room, or elsewhere, you would be hard-pressed to find a room that could not be elevated by a sophisticated, quality textile. This week, we’re highlighting five tremendous textiles to transform your space.
Hanna Korvela
Duetto was designer Hanna Korvela’s international breakthrough. The recipient of the prestigious Red Dot: Best of the Best award, Duetto is made of a harmonious combination of cotton and paper yarn, whose qualities and textures compliment each other beautifully. Understated and minimalist, Duetto retains a unique sense of warmth that elevates any environment into an inviting space, and represents Korvela’s illustrious career designing contemporary rugs. Hand-woven in Finland and designed for reversible use, Duetto is available in a wide range of colors. Woven entirely in cotton and paper yarn.
All The Way To Paris
Some designs are just undeniably chic and beautiful, even without explanation, and the Cruise Rug accomplishes this through stylish simplicity. Featuring gorgeous, symmetrical linework that contrasts elegantly against the neutral-toned wool, the appealing patterns add a sense of dimension and modernity, which allows Cruise to elevate and refine your space in a way that feels sophisticated, tasteful, and current. Each rug is handloom-woven, which is a skilled production technique that produces a dense, soft, and highly exclusive velvet-like expression, resulting in astonishingly comfortable textiles. The exclusivity is further enhanced by the discrete sheen in the material which is achieved by spinning a small amount of viscose into the woolen fibers. Available in two colorways and two sizes.
Salem Van Der Swaagh
From their production to their aesthetic, the SVS Rugs are a genuinely original design, capable of dramatically enhancing a space. Enticing and innovative, each rug is hand-woven, ensuring that none is exactly the same as another, creating entirely one-of-a-kind pieces. The combination of textures, pearl color, and fringed edges work together to harmoniously define a rug that feels timeless and looks sophisticated and stylish in spaces of any style and size. The SVS Rugs are also eco-friendly; each rug is designed and hand-woven in New York using 100% salvaged material from industrial weaving which is then repurposed into highly textured, luxurious wool products.
All The Way To Paris
Made from 100% New Zealand wool, the Framed rug provides accents of color without overpowering a room. Crafted from two weaving techniques, the design contrasts a vibrant hand-woven border against a calm, monochromatic kilim center—and the result, while seemingly simple, is entirely magnificent. The rug’s motif and expression is both subtle and vibrant all at once, evoking feelings of traditional, handcrafted woven art from regions across the globe, yet still feels exciting and contemporary. Beautiful, tactile, and expressive, Framed offers a sense of warmth and earthiness in tandem with elegance and style.
Ritva Puotila
The Seaborn Throw is a hand-knit, artisanal throw designed to be draped across the foot of the bed or on the back of a sofa. Seaborn carries a distinct airiness, primarily due to the lightness of the material, and feels undeniably refined. Because the throw is designed intentionally for draping, Seaborn feels graceful and refined in the form it takes when gently cascading down a surface, laid across a bed, or wrapped around your shoulders for a little extra warmth. Hand-knit in 100% paper yarn and available in 10 colors: Cloud, nature, absinthe, dry straw, sky, wenge, black, dark blue, stone, and graphite