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Picture this: you’re luxuriating in a serene, beautiful living room, lounging in supreme comfort while sipping the perfect cup of tea. Could anything sound more appealing? Luckily, we’ve got everything you need to create the living room or lounge space you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’re in search of a sumptuous sofa, lavish lounge chair, or captivating coffee table, our collection includes stunning mid-century and contemporary options from industry icons and fresh new designers. This week, we’re highlighting five pieces to help create an elegant lounge oasis, whatever your taste.
Teresa Lundmark and Gustav Winsth
In every possible way, the Dag daybed is a contemporary design lover’s dream come true. Fantastically chic and innovative in both appearance and construction, Dag presents a forward-thinking concept for a daybed. Featuring plush, pillowy cushions and a comfortable low profile, the design is ideal for elevating and transforming a space. “It’s made for rest beyond the bedroom, a place of comfort in both private and social contexts,” explains Teresa Lundmark who, together with Gustav Winsth and Gärsnäs, designed the daybed.
Smilow Design
Originally designed by Mel Smilow in 1950 and officially reintroduced in 2022, the Slatted Tea Cart is a delicate and functional addition to Smilow Furniture’s Slatted Collection. The two shelves provide a sense of depth and height, while also offering ample space for storage, displaying, and serving, allowing the design to prioritize both visual appeal and functionality. The slats within the walnut shelves further add to the design’s depth and dynamic feel, and also create beautiful shadows depending on how the room is lit. The Tea Cart serves as a gorgeous example of Mel Smilow’s design ingenuity—simplistic beauty, fine craftsmanship, and exceptional detail is present from every angle.
Time & Style
Exuding a subtle elegance and effortless sophistication, the Bombori suspension lamp is entirely handmade with traditional Japanese materials. Featuring an Akita cedarwood frame covered with thin, translucent Mino washi paper, Bombori pays homage to its own cultural heritage while still feeling current and contemporary. The lamp provides a warm, subtle ambiance, ideal for creating an environment of coziness and relaxation—and while not overstated, the beauty of the Bombori suspension lamp allows the design to quietly position itself as a statement piece, defining the room around it and immediately garnering attention. Also available as a floor lamp.
Piero Lissoni
In Spectrum, Glas Italia and Piero Lissoni pull out all the stops, fully leaning into Glas Italia’s unmatched understanding of glass design and production. This sophisticated, composite low table is created by mixing a range of different textured and laminated glass—fluted, checked, quadretti printed glass, and transparent colored glass—with a mirrored bottom. The result is a magnificent testament to this beautiful material, and the expert artisans who have dedicated their life and their craft to learning how to work with it. The table also features a mobile surface that can be positioned as desired.
Louise Liljencrantz
Lounging has never felt so luxurious as it does when sinking into the inimitably stylish Margas chair. Named after the designer’s beloved grandmother, Marga von Dardel, who Liljencrantz credits as the most important role model in her life, this elegant lounge chair promises to become a focal point within the home, adding warmth and comfort to an interior. Plush and enticing, Marga is captivatingly modern, and offers an unmatched, elevated sense of relaxation. Available with legs or in a swivel version.