October 30, 2019

It’s a known truth—in the 21st century, people are spending more time than ever at work. So why not add some comfort, ergonomics, and style to help you enjoy your workday? The right chair not only makes long days more bearable but reduces back problems while improving posture and productivity, ensuring you can sit comfortably throughout the day. Whether you’re taking in the view from your corner office or creating a cozy space to work from home, these task chairs will improve your workspace without sacrificing comfort and style.
Hans J. Wegner
By juxtaposing a combination of metal, wood and leather upholstery, the PP502 presents an incredibly stylish addition to the office or boardroom—the ideal workplace companion. Like all of Hans J. Wegner’s pioneering designs, PP502 is timeless, versatile, and committed to convenience and functionality. The wood used in PP502 has been cut from newly felled trees, which must be at least 150 years old in order to be the right size. It is then left to dry in a highly controlled environment for up to 2 years, until the humidity is down to no more than six percent. While this meticulousness may seem unnecessary on the surface, it is a testament to PP Møbler's refusal to accept anything less than perfection. Wooden backrest available in oak, ash, or cherry.
Mats Theselius
When looking at designer Mats Theselius portfolio, it doesn’t take long to realize that his designs bring something entirely new and unexpected to the table. The Sheriff task chair is no exception. Incorporating an incredibly meticulous eye for detail, Sheriff’s distinctive characteristic is the contrast between the organic Tarnsjo leather and steel frame, giving the chair a stunningly contemporary edge. Sheriff is height-adjustable and includes a tilt function, making it the perfect fit for your workspace or home office. Tarnsjo leather available in natural, black, or brown. Steel frame available in chrome, copper, or black oxide.
Farg & Blanche
One of the weaknesses commonly found in task chairs is that, though functional and convenient, they’re not particularly comfortable. And in fact, poor work performance can often be attributed to a lack of comfort in the workplace. However, Mr. N is a gamechanger. Ideal for conference rooms, but just as suitable for home or office spaces, Mr. N’s soft, comfortable, plush upholstery makes long meetings a breeze, allowing you to sit comfortably for extended periods of time. The visible wood and pronounced stitching create a warmer and more personal workspace design, softening an environment otherwise perceived as formal. With so many variations available, you can create the perfect model for every room.
Jørgen Rasmussen
KEVI is the classic office chair representing architect Jørgen Rasmussen's belief, "The better you sit, the more you get done." Designed over 50 years ago, long before the term 'ergonomic' was ever used, the Kevi chair can be found in homes, schools, workplaces, and other places where one chair must meet multiple uses. The seat rests on a five-star base of "Kevi Wheels," castors Jorgen invented to maximize movement and flexibility for this hardworking, award-winning chair. Innovative and ergonomic, the Kevi series is a design icon beloved for allowing furniture to be both beautiful and supremely functional.
Jean-Marie Massaud
In the Aston chair, Jean-Marie Massaud combines comfort and convenience in an entirely innovative way. Available upholstered in a wide range of leathers and fabrics, Aston almost appears to be a lounge chair at first, due to its upholstered seat and back. But don’t let its comfort fool you—strong and decisive, Aston sits at the head of the table. Defying the conventions of the typical boardroom chair or executive lounge, its linear profile and aerodynamic lines are engineered for both comfort and performance. Aston is ergonomic yet light, making it perfect for work and home environments. Available in three different heights.
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