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Video: “stuff” Modular Cabinet

Watch this video where design team, Studio Parade, demonstrates how to assemble their new modular cabinet system, Stuff. Stuff is a unique, new cabinet system that consists of stackable light weight modules including a base, upholstered units and open frames and tops.  As soon as the frame is mounted to the bottom of the unit, all units can [...]

Video: X Table In Action

As good as it may feel sometimes, sitting for extended periods of time is anything but good for your health.  The human body is simple not made to sit all day.  And with many of us sitting at work for 9+ hours a day, we practically spend the bulk of our waking moments in an office chair. Thankfully, there are several [...]

Video: Empire State Building Celebrates The Super Bowl

  With Superbowl XLVIII just days away, all of New York City is busy gearing up for the big event.  And, if you're wondering who is going to take the coveted title of Superbowl Champion, all you have to do is look to the skies. The Empire State Building has officially teamed up with Verizon to launch the first ever social media-driven [...]

Video: Kris Fuchs House Tour

VIDEO: Kris Fuchs House Tour Watch video HERE. Join LXTV's Open House in the Hamptons and Kendell Cronstrom, editor-in-chief of Hamptons Cottages & Gardens, as they take us through SUITE NY Principal Kris Fuchs's fabulous home that's all about modern family living on the beach. The Water Mill property is featured in the September issue of HC&G. Kris's [...]