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Playlist: Spooky Sounds

  When you think about All Hallows' Eve witches, ghouls, and eerie noises come to mind.  It's October, finally a bit cooler, and the perfect time to light a fire, tell ghost stories, and watch scary movies.  Better yet, invite over some friends, sip on a witches' brew, and enjoy some festive music.  This week we bring you some of our [...]

Item Of The Week: White Out

Deck your halls in a chic Winter White holiday palette with SUITE New York’s whitest and brightest. The old fashion cliché “no white after labor day,” may have you thinking that white is solely a summer color. However, we at SUITE NY certainly beg to differ.  The color white is most appropriate for a winter, especially when it comes to [...]

Modern Gift Ideas from SUITE New York

Item Of The Week: Shopping Dilemma

The Holiday season presents a constant onslaught of shopping splurges, crazed consumption and gift giving galore.  At times it seems there is just too much to chose from.  To make matters worse, we all have special people in our lives that are close to impossible to shop for.  This week SUITE NY has some subtle advice on universally appealing [...]

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Item Of The Week: Cozy Quarters

SUITE New York proves modern chic can provide modern comfort.  There can often times be a considerable difference between furniture that is nice to look at, and furniture that is nice to sit on. Ideally, you want pieces that are visually appealing and also comfortable. After all, furniture is made to be lived on.  You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort [...]

Item Of The Week: No Smoke, Just Mirrors

  It doesn't take an incredibly vain person to have a true appreciation for mirrors.  After all, they are one of the ultimate utility players.  Not only are they known for opening up and visually enhancing spaces, they also always make sure you leave the house looking your very best.  What more could you ask for in an accessory? Thankfully, long [...]

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Introducing Neo Laminati By Kelly Behun | Studio

Kelly Behun’s Neo Laminati collection found heavy inspiration in the Memphis Group founded by the late-great Ettore Sottsass in 1981. Pop colors, geometrically confused shapes and modern materials were utilized to generate rather un-functional pieces that aggressively alluded to both design history and the future of design. Simultaneously lauded and loathed, the Memphis group was nothing short of sensational. [...]