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Ny Times: Shopping With Alexander Gorlin

NY TIMES: Shopping With Alexander Gorlin This week The New York Times Home editor Tim McKeough went Shopping with... architect Alexander Gorlin for outstanding products designed by master architects.  From John Pawson's collection for when objects work, Gorlin selected [...]

Vincent Van Duysen portrait

With Vincent Van Duysen

Belgian-born architect and product designer Vincent Van Duysen exploded onto the global design scene when he founded his eponymous architecture firm at the tender age of 28. Van Duysen has since won countless industry awards including Designer of the Year at Paris’s Maison & Objet Fair 2009.  Van Duysen is the subject of three monographs, most recently a 2013 [...]

Shigeru Ban, Maru Bowl, When Objects Work, contemporary home accessories, modern design, contemporary home decor

Shigeru Ban

  On this heels of Shigeru Ban’s groundbreaking Pritzker Prize win, SUITE NY is shining yet another light on the Japanese architect’s inspiring career. Despite his impressive resume of government buildings, national museums, churches and commercial headquarters, Ban is best known as an emergency zone first responder, crafting shelters quickly and efficiently out of inexpensive and eco-friendly materials. Often referred to [...]