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Safari Style

With it’s jewel toned sky and a richly hued landscape, the Serengeti has attracted people from all walks of life for centuries. Whether it be the social elite or artisans and authors, those who have ventured to the African locale have undoubtedly done so to experience first-hand its rustic beauty and wild charm. This week we take a (mental) holiday [...]

Woodstock At Home

This weekend will mark the 45th anniversary of the Woodstock Music & Art Fair and yet, the spirit of the "Age of Aquarius" continues to live on, transcended through music, fashion, and modern design. This week SUITE NY reminisced about the festival with the blog posts Peace, Love, and Music -a playlist of our festival favorites- as well [...]

Ritz-carlton Magazine: Egyptian Stool

RITZ-CARLTON MAGAZINE: Egyptian Stool The Ritz-Carlton Magazine included Ole Wanscher's iconic Egyptian Stool in their Summer 2014 issue. The stool was included in the magazine's gift section and was nicknamed "seat of honor." The nickname stems from the idea that the folding chair has long [...]