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Kelly Behun Studio, Neo Laminati, ARchitectural Digest, AD Germany, Memphis Design, NeoLaminati, Memphis Movement

Ad Germany: Neo Laminati Chair No.34

AD GERMANY: Neo Laminati Chair No.34 The June 2014 issue of Architectural Digest Germany featured "Stalking in Memphis," an in-depth look at contemporary products inspired by the Memphis Group design movement of the 1980s. Kelly Behun Studio's Neo Laminati Chair No. 34 takes center stage in this lively photo [...]

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A Brief History Of The Lazy Susan

With much excitement surrounding the debut of Kelly Behun's new furniture line at SUITE New York, we here at the showroom found ourselves particularly interested in the origin of one of her products-- the Lazy Suzi 66.  The name alone is enough to spark one's curiosity.  Who is this "Susan" person, anyway?  Was her laziness really [...]

Ny Magazine Design Hunting: Lazy Suzi 66

NY Magazine Design Hunting: Lazy Suzi 66 New York Magazine's Design Hunting Winter 2014 issue features our Lazy Suzi 66 designed by Kelly Behun. The Lazy Suzi belongs to Behun's stunning new furniture collection, Neo Laminati, which was largely inspired by the Memphis Group design movement of the early 1980's and the history of Abet Laminati. [...]