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Storage solutions are a must for modern homes, where clean surfaces reign supreme. This week’s SUITE Newsletter presents some of our best modern cabinets and credenzas, many of which are available in various colors, lacquers, and stains. From German manufacturer Zeitraum's  freshly launched KIN Cabinet Series by Mathias Hahn, to Mexican Mid-Century brand Luteca's impressive Octanov Credenza,...

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INTRODUCING: Rud Rasmussen

SUITE NY is pleased to announce our newest collection, Rud. Rasmussen. Denmark’s oldest cabinet and furniture making workshop, Rud. Rasmussen has produced exceptional Danish furniture since 1869. The company’s ability to combine centuries-old traditions with modern techniques has drawn generations of visionary designers, including grandfather of modern Danish design Kaare Klint, to entrust Rud. Rasmussen with their works....