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Shout Out: David Howell Design

A residential, commercial, retail and hospitality design practice, David Howell Architecture and Design (DHD) is known for creating environments that demonstrate both beauty and value while providing intelligent direction for their clients. The team of seventeen designers offers their clientele head-to-toe treatment with services ranging from on-site development to fine art consulting. With projects [...]

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Insidehook: Suite Deal

INSIDEHOOK: Suite Deal SUITE NY was featured on one of our favorite websites today: InsideHook. Geared toward guys with style, the site offers insider deals for design aficionados and men of style. Always loved designer furniture but don't know where to start? With InsideHook's daily deal, we are offering an hour consultation with award-winning [...]

Modern Family, Modern Interiors

Typically, middle-class suburban homes portrayed in prime time sitcoms aren't exactly known for noteworthy interior design.  However, the Emmy-winning comedy, Modern Family, a show that is breaking many molds, is certainly an exception.  Now in its fifth season, the show follows a dysfunctional extended family living in suburban Los Angeles.  The family patriarch is Jay [...]