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Pattern is an element of design that dates back centuries and stripes have always been a staple. This linear pattern, presented thick, thin, big or small, can completely transform a space or a piece of furniture and often become an optical illusion. This week we present five designs that utilize stripes in fun and interesting ways. []

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Chairs As Art

We have a joke at SUITE NY that some chairs aren’t meant for sitting. We are half serious though, as there are certain pieces in our collection that are as much art as they are a functional chairs. We love the drama of a stark hallway featuring an avant-garde chair, displayed on its own as one would a sculpture. Or [...]

Kelly Behun neo laminati table 69 black and white modern stripe laminate pair of tables memphis style suiteny

Seeing Double

Designing in pairs is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Side-by-side armchairs offer easy function, beauty and symmetry. A matching pair of nightstands, sconces, or side tables is simply the status quo. A new trend we are loving is the double dining table, which is both versatile and unexpectedly bold. So this week, ask yourself - why settle [...]

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Elle Decoration Uk: Neo Laminati No.34

ELLE DECORATION UK: Neo Laminati No.34 In Elle Decoration U.K.'s Trend Issue, the Neo Laminati Chair No.34 by kelly behun | Studio makes an appearance in a stripes inspired shopping edit. This dizzying design by interior designer Kelly Behun, is a custom laminate and wood chair with three varying sizes of black and white stripes and a solid [...]

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Luxe: Neo Laminati Bench No. 84

LUXE: Neo Laminati Bench No. 84 Highlighting designs with a Milanese flair, interior designer Kelly Behun's Neo Laminati Bench No. 84 is selected in Luxe Magazine's ritzy shopping edit. Neo Laminati Bench No. 84 is a custom laminate and wood bench which features  an eye-catching black and white striped seat and a solid yellow back [...]

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Real Living: Neo Laminati Chair No. 34

REAL LIVING: Neo Laminati Chair No. 34 Featured in Real Living's Memphis Mix edit is NEO Laminati Chair NO. 34. The groovy design by interior designer Kelly Behun is a custom laminate and wood chair with three varying sizes of black and white stripes and a solid blue core. The chair is a part of NEO LAMINATI, [...]

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Departures: Neo Laminati Chair No. 34

DEPARTURES: NEO LAMINATI Chair No. 34 In the spring '15 issue of Departures magazine, the publication features interior designer Kelly Behun's NEO LAMINATI Chair No. 34 in their retro inspired Chairs edit. NEO LAMINATI Chair No. 34 is a custom laminate and wood chair which features varying widths of black and white stripes and a solid electric blue core. The chair [...]

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Elle Decor: Woven Rush Chair

ELLE DECOR: Woven Rush Chair In the December 2014 issue of ELLE Decor, the magazine tapped the expertise of designers John Douglas Eason and SUITE NY favorite Kelly Behun for their Truth in Decorating edit on occasional chairs. Behun gives the insider scoop on what makes for a great [...]

Kelly Behun, Kelly Behun Studio, Neo Maroc Chair, american modern, contemporary furniture, contemporary chairs, memphis style furniture, laminate furniture

Manhattan Magazine: Neo Maroc Chair

MANHATTAN MAGAZINE: NEO MAROC Chair For their October 2014 edition of Designer Picks, Manhattan magazine tapped  Interior and Furniture Designer Kelly Behun to curate a colorful and pattern-filled selection of furniture and home decor. In the edit, Kelly Behun features her own NEO MAROC chair for its sculptural quality and [...]

Lazy Suzi, swirling lazy susan, kelly behun, lazy susan, modern lazy susan, lazy suzy, kelly behun studio, suite ny, suiteny.com

T Magazine: Lazy Suzi No.66

T MAGAZINE: Lazy Suzi No.66 The September 28th issue of T Magazine, the New York Times Style magazine featured kelly behun | STUDIO's Lazy Suzi No.66 as one of five eclectic products reviewed by author Malcolm Gladwell and comedian Sarah Silverman.  Three cheers for Mr. Gladwell who is [...]

Interior Design 2014 Spring Market Guide cover

Interior Design: Spring Market Guide

INTERIOR DESIGN: Spring Market Guide This season Interior Design magazine went all out with their 2014 Spring Market Guide. The thick, glossy design bible featured the best of the best from international powerhouse manufacturers, as well as work [...]

NEO MAROC chair Kelly Behun

Novelties: Part 2

Continuing our series of new products for 2014, we bring you five more fresh designs that are sure to inspire. From a Hans J. Wegner prototype dug out from the archives to a wildly unique contemporary piece by 2014 Elle Decor A-Lister Kelly Behun, take a peek at more of what's new at SUITE NY. [...]

SUITE NY, Mad About Stripes, zebra

Mad About Stripes

Trends come and go, but one style that never fades is the stripe.  Thick or thin, horizontal or vertical, black and white or bold and colorful, there are infinite ways to add this classic pattern to your space.  A splash of stripe can offer a nautical vibe, Alice in Wonderland whimsy, Rock&Roll edge or a tailored appeal.  Summer is [...]

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Ad Germany: Neo Laminati Chair No.34

AD GERMANY: Neo Laminati Chair No.34 The June 2014 issue of Architectural Digest Germany featured "Stalking in Memphis," an in-depth look at contemporary products inspired by the Memphis Group design movement of the 1980s. Kelly Behun Studio's Neo Laminati Chair No. 34 takes center stage in this lively photo [...]

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Tabletop Week

April 22-25 is Tabletop Week in New York City. The event is anchored by The New York Tabletop Market, North America’s ultimate trade show for all that's new and innovative in the global tabletop merchandise category. But if crowds aren’t your thing, skip just three blocks uptown to SUITE NY where you’ll find an assortment of tabletop items that are [...]

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Introducing Neo Laminati By Kelly Behun | Studio

Kelly Behun’s Neo Laminati collection found heavy inspiration in the Memphis Group founded by the late-great Ettore Sottsass in 1981. Pop colors, geometrically confused shapes and modern materials were utilized to generate rather un-functional pieces that aggressively alluded to both design history and the future of design. Simultaneously lauded and loathed, the Memphis group was nothing short of sensational. [...]