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Graphite modern furniture black chrome beetle gamfratesi gubi foscarini birdie modern andiron firedogs 2


The perfect combination of “sophisticated,” “timeless,” and “edgy,” graphite is an exciting metallic trend that has yet to be oversaturated in any sense. From brushed steel lighting diffuser of Mark Albrecht's Eclipse light to the blackened chrome chair legs of GamFratesi's Beetle stool, take a look at these six contemporary designs in smokey grey hues, each with...


‘Tis the season for spooking, ’tis the season for fright Haunting images surround us, especially at night So in light of this holiday, or in darkness we should say Here are five shadowy designs, in black and deep gray... ...

black lamborghini


Driving through the Hamptons on any July day you will spot all the stars. Ferrari, Maserati, Bugatti, Lotus and Lamborghini.  It’s a variable feast of automotive delights.  Revved up by the hot wheels of summer, this week SUITE NY features five designs, both old and new, inspired by the automotive industry. []

SUITE NY Design by Numbers newsletter


For this week's newsletter we are going back to basics, and counting to five with great designs. Some products were meant to stand alone, to be viewed from all sides and experienced by one person at a time. Others are meant to be used in pairs such as bedroom table lamps, or in this case, easy chairs. Three is...