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As Seen In Western Art & Architecture

As seen in Western Art & Architecture Featured by Shari Morrison in the February/March issue of Western Art & Architecture, the Celeste Mirror by Piero Lissoni made an appearance in the "Things We Love" story. This Italian piece by Glas Italia's creative director is inventive and playful. Featuring magnifying portholes in its surface, the reflections on this [...]

Bloomberg pursuits layers suite ny glas italia

Bloomberg: Layers Cabinet

BLOOMBERG: Layers Cabinet Filling an entire page in the December issue of Bloomberg Pursuits is the new Layers cabinet by world renowned designer Nendo for Glas Italia. With quotes from Glas Italia's Export Manager, Flavio Parlato and SUITE NY's very own Principal, Maria Sepulveda, this story is worth a read! [...]


Interior Design: Fall Market Tabloid

INTERIOR DESIGN: Fall Market Tabloid Featured in the Interior Design Magazine Fall Market Guide is Tokujin Yoshioka's Prism Partition. Described as a "funhouse mirror," Yoshioka's design for Glas Italia is an eye-catching and innovative take on room separation. [...]

merci bob elena cutolo glas italia suite ny BLUE RED YELLOW

Chairs As Art

We have a joke at SUITE NY that some chairs aren’t meant for sitting. We are half serious though, as there are certain pieces in our collection that are as much art as they are a functional chairs. We love the drama of a stark hallway featuring an avant-garde chair, displayed on its own as one would a sculpture. Or [...]

layers nendo glas italia suite ny

Glas Italia 2016

The SUITE NY team returned from Salone del Mobile 2016 with exciting news from many of our international manufacturers. Leading the pack with more new designs than all the rest was Italian furniture maker, Glas Italia, whose innovative furnishings and accessories consistently stun the global design community. This year’s novelties are designed by some of the [...]

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This week, we explore a series of designs that utilize the notion of asymmetry. Despite being seemingly off-balance, this array of designs by Craig Bassam, Scott Fellows, Jaime Hayon, Garth Roberts, Angelo Mangiarotti, Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Garcia Jimenez are technologically sound, sturdy and unyielding. The sense of imbalance within these designs creates a [...]