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Lanvin, lanvin men's boutique, david mann, mr architecture, mr architecture + decor, alber elbaz, fashion, boutique design, madison avenue, modern design, fk710, skater chair, lange production, fabricius kastholm

Lanvin / Mr Architecture + Decor

Dear friend of SUITE NY, David Mann of MR Architecture + Decor, chose our FK710 Skater Chair for his impressive debut of the first stand-alone Lanvin Men's store on US soil. Situated in a narrow townhouse on Madison Ave the three story space is a fantastic combination of old, new, plush and sparse. [...]

Reading List: Tomboy Style

READING LIST: TOMBOY STYLE Lizzie Garret Mettler does it all. Design Watcher, a favorite SUITE New York design blog from the past, segued in to a side project for Ms. Mettler, Tomboy Style. Quicker than you can say cut-offs,  a cult following catapulted Lizzie and Tomboy Style into the spotlight with a fantastic coffee table book published [...]