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Welcome To The Funhouse

With carnival season in full swing, SUITE NY finds inspiration in the bright colors and topsy turvy shapes of the fair. We have rounded up five eclectic designs that will make you think twice about what you just saw. From optical illusions to hypnotizing stripes, these contemporary pieces will delight and mesmerize their audience. [...]

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Departures: Neo Laminati Chair No. 34

DEPARTURES: NEO LAMINATI Chair No. 34 In the spring '15 issue of Departures magazine, the publication features interior designer Kelly Behun's NEO LAMINATI Chair No. 34 in their retro inspired Chairs edit. NEO LAMINATI Chair No. 34 is a custom laminate and wood chair which features varying widths of black and white stripes and a solid electric blue core. The chair [...]

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Boston Home: Stuff By Studio Parade

BOSTON HOME: Stuff by Studio Parade Featured in the spring '15 issue of Boston Home magazine is Stuff by Studio Parade. Stuff is a unique cabinet system, consisting of stackable lightweight modules including a base, upholstered units, open frames, and tops. This storage solution can be used as a wall system as well as [...]

Woodnotes, Design, Furniture, Finnish, Scandinavian design, High end furniture

The Woodnotes Bed Has Arrived

Comfort is taking an eco-friendly turn as we welcome the newest addition to our showroom. Finnish design company Woodnotes, found in 1987 by Ritva Puotila and son Mikko Puotila, is introducing the Woodnotes Bed, the newest piece in their collection of environmentally compatible products. Taking the bare essential ingredients of wood and paper to create the unique properties of [...]

New York Botanical Gardens,

The Orchid Show With Jeremy Cole

Each year as winter draws to a close, The New York Botanical Garden's Haupt Conservatory opens its most jawdropping exhibition: The Orchid Show. Now in its 13th year, the theme of this year’s show is Chandeliers. The irony was not lost on us that all of the orchid-inspired designs in SUITE NY’s collection happen [...]

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New York Times Online: Qlocktwo W

NEW YORK TIMES ONLINE: QlockTwo W Featured in the Fashion & Style section of the New York Times, Biegert & Funk's QLOCKTWO W shines in stainless steel. QLOCKTWO W is a typographic watch combining the moment with the written word.  A scaled [...]