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Favn Sofa, Jaime Hayon, Fritz Hansen, blue sofa

Inspired By Indigo

It’s the color of dark wash Levi’s®, Matisse’s Blue Nude and the backdrop to David Lynch’s cult classic, Blue Velvet.  Deep and seductive, indigo must have been the hue Gershwin imagined when composing “Rhapsody in Blue.” Applied to furniture, indigo is a shade that is bold in design and comfortably alluring.  It pairs beautifully with all metallics, including our recent [...]

Item Of The Week: White Out

Deck your halls in a chic Winter White holiday palette with SUITE New York’s whitest and brightest. The old fashion cliché “no white after labor day,” may have you thinking that white is solely a summer color. However, we at SUITE NY certainly beg to differ.  The color white is most appropriate for a winter, especially when it comes to [...]

Item Of The Week: Back In Black

Clichés are often rooted in truth and one old reliable is that New Yorkers love to wear black. (Myself included.) Though black-on-black-on–black seems a bit easier to pull off on a body versus in a room, it has been quoted that every room needs a touch of black. 606 UNIVERSAL SHELVING SYSTEM Dieter Rams’ 606 Universal Shelving System is an [...]

Color Story : Rainbow Bright

COLOR STORY : RAINBOW BRIGHT Crisp, clean and of course, neutral; layers of white allow one to experiment with a rainbow of colors when it comes to accessories. To the right, a lovely bedroom by our talented creative director, Chris Kraig of Chris Kraig Studio, is all about clean lines and natural light.  However, when summer [...]