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Specializing in extraordinarily innovative, contemporary furniture, Gärsnäs is a Swedish manufacturer with a history dating back to 1893. Producing expertly manufactured designs from their family-owned factory in Österlen, Sweden, Gärsnäs upholds an admirable commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly processes and materials, while developing absolutely magnificent designs, each of which is a work of art, an exercise in detail and precision, and a commitment to functionality, all at once. With a relationship spanning nearly half a decade, SUITE NY is honored to showcase our partnership with this incredible brand. This week, we’re diving deeper into Gärsnäs’ incredible collection, exploring these exceptional designs and designers.
David Ericsson
Launched at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2016, Hedwig was created with the goal of making a seat that was comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time, and able to accommodate a steaming cup of tea. Stretched leather or canvas is paired with a beech frame, all crafted with masterful precision and unmatched attention to detail, which Ericsson developed as a historical reference to Swedish furniture designer Axel Einar Hjorth. The design’s unique, innovative silhouette is beautifully eye-catching and looks elegant in virtually any space. The chair is topped off with sculptural, rounded armrests just right for a cup of tea.
Pierre Sindre
One quick glance, and it’s undeniably evident that Dandy is a spectacular example of wicker design, capable of showcasing the genuine beauty that this versatile material possesses. Designed in 2017, the mixed materials used in the Dandy transform this timeless design. The leather edges and cushions frame the wicker seat and back, providing a stunning visual and textural contrast and add a sense of elegance and character. One could just as easily picture Dandy in a quintessential mid-century modern home in the 1950s, or placed among the most current, contemporary architecture and design. Dandy is also available with a matching footstool to encourage maximum relaxation.
Pierre Sindre
While we often discuss Gärsnäs in the context of lounge and dining furniture, this design powerhouse also offers exceptional additions to the workplace and home office. Defined by artful simplicity, the Day High task chair is capable of expressing a distinct visual elegance without compromising functionality, adding style and convenience to your workspace. In describing his creative process, designer Sindre explains “I like details that imbue furniture with character. My Day chair is one such example. The decorative strap between the back and the seat has made the chair say something but at the same time made the removable upholstery feasible.” Available upholstered in a wide range of fabrics and leathers, with armrests available in ash, birch, oak, or walnut.
David Regestam
Gärsnäs is known for producing forward-thinking designs that test new concepts and bring exciting, unfamiliar ideas to the forefront—which explains why Viva feels right at home in their collection. Viva is chic and eye-catching without compromising comfort, creating a unique experience of sitting in an easy chair while dining, even with its slender proportions. Additionally, Viva is made exclusively of environmentally sustainable materials with a stand of wood and a seat of recycled blanket material, establishing a design that is not just elegant, but eco-conscious as well.
Nina Jobs
Chic, creative, unexpected—Kvilt simply oozes stylishness, with the potential to entirely redefine your interior. The design highlights various quilting patterns, which add depth and personality to the design while taking on an astounding ability to showcase the textures and colors of the sofa’s upholstery, which is available in a wide range of fabrics and leathers. Kvilt can adopt various appearances that contribute to a room’s character, all of which feel equally sophisticated. With a presence unlike any other, the Kvilt Sofa is a statement piece with the ability to subtly command attention and create a wondrous sense of modernity. Available as a two or three-seater.