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From chairs and benches to lighting and tables, we simply cannot get enough of Smilow Design’s iconic mid-century designs. However, what you may not know, is that Smilow also upholds an extraordinary and admirable commitment to sustainability. Their collection showcases the beauty and depth of solid wood furniture, and thus, their designs incorporate a variety of woods including American Walnut, White Oak, Ash, Maple, Cherry, and Birch.

This year, Smilow Design announced a brand new partnership with One Tree Planted, to plant trees for each piece of furniture sold in 2022—and as of Earth Day 2022, Smilow has added 750 trees to the Oregon planting project! We’re proud to partner with brands and manufacturers who uphold a true dedication to sustainability, and this week, we’re highlighting five stunning Smilow designs in honor of this magnificent achievement.
Smilow Design
Some designs simply exude stylishness and good taste in every possible way, and the Woven Leather Dining Chair is undoubtedly one of those designs. Timeless and elegant, this chair is a dream come true for anyone with a love and appreciation for mid-century design, and is available with or without arms—the perfect addition to elevate your dining space. Additionally, the Woven Leather Dining Chair pairs impeccably with the rest of Smilow’s Woven Leather collection—which includes an armchair, bench, and barstool—offering consistency throughout the home. Leather available in black, chocolate brown, navy, red, British tan, grey, or caramel.
Smilow Design
Our exploration of the Woven Leather collection continues with the effortlessly sophisticated Woven Leather Bench. This modern bench is available in two lengths and offers an astounding degree of versatility, allowing the design to blend seamlessly into both contract and residential spaces. Whether placed in a dining room, bedroom, living space, a gallery, office, or boutique, the Woven Leather Bench is a design that offers genuinely limitless possibilities. Additionally, the design’s slim frame, clean lines, and perfect symmetry work harmoniously to provide a visual lightness, and establish a design that is utterly transcendent. Walnut finish available in natural or ebonized.
Smilow Design
The chair’s signature caged back establishes this design as something enticing and unique, adding depth and an exciting new dimension to this timeless armchair. A testament to the ingenuity behind the design, Railback’s mid-century appeal feels just as relevant today as it did in 1950 when it was originally conceived, reminding us why we refer to Smilow designs as “enduring modern classics.”
Smilow Design
We would be remiss not to mention the Woven Leather Stool. The natural companion to any other Smilow designs within the home, the Woven Leather Stool is a bar stool in a league of its own. Distinguished and innovative, the stool is available in bar or counter heights, and immediately adds a sense of sophistication and tastefulness to any bar, kitchen, or dining setting. The range of available leather options creates ample opportunities for customization, allowing the design to cater to your personal tastes and preferences.
Smilow Design
The Slatted Bench is part of Smilow’s Slatted Collection, originally designed in 1950 by Mel Smilow and reintroduced by his daughter Judy Smilow in 2016. The entire Slatted Collection is a prime example of handcrafted wooden furniture. The tapered legs are classically mid-century and the wooden slats fit seamlessly into the frame with a beautiful joinery detail, which forms the tabletop while offering a sense of depth and dimension that speaks to the mastery and skill incorporated into each bench. The Slatted Bench also serves as an exceptional conversation piece, allowing you to share and showcase your commitment to sustainable design.