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German manufacturer Zeitraum is known for producing iconic, modern furniture from Europe’s top designers and architects. Zeitraum was founded on the premise that quality, design and environmental sustainability should always go hand-in-hand. From the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into each item to the unmatched commitment to using only the highest-quality materials, Zeitraum produces consistently striking pieces, all while actively working to reduce waste and carbon emissions through eco-conscious production methods. This week, we’re showcasing five designs to give you a preview of Zeitraum’s incredible—and sustainable—collection here at SUITE NY.
Läufer & Keichel
Refreshing and unexpected, the Curtain table is a profound statement piece for the contemporary home, reminding us that sustainability and style should never be mutually exclusive. Curtain is composed of a solid, sturdy tabletop placed on wooden legs that almost appear to be flowing in a wave-like pattern, creating a dynamic and exciting juxtaposition. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and wood varieties, Curtain’s elegance can be personalized and tailored to fit your interior perfectly. Available in white oiled ash, oak, knotty oak, color stained oak, cherry, walnut, or knotty walnut.
Elegant and inviting, the Friday Lounge is a shining example of Zeitraum’s expert understanding of solid wood furniture. The solid wooden frame appears to flow smoothly around the chair, offering beautiful curves that showcase all the characteristics and features that natural wood has to offer. The Friday Lounge features a back section of leather with a design reminiscent of a pattern cut, which adds personality and innovation. Soft downy cushions lie gently in the frame while a sophisticated technical construction of spring action and seat cushion offer unmatched eco-conscious comfort.
While sustainability is a cornerstone of Zeitraum’s manufacturing and design ethos, elegance, modernity, expert craftsmanship and high quality materials are all essential elements of the brand’s philosophy, as well—and all of these values are beautifully showcased in the Turntable. This traditionally-turned solid wood dining table is made of eco-friendly timber, and is available in several sizes and a wide range of colors. Expertly handcrafted, meticulously smoothed, and finished with the finest natural oils, Turntable exudes an unmistakable sense of quality and natural style.
Bonny is not just any mirror. Rather, it’s Zeitraum’s interpretation of a mirror—so it’s no surprise that sustainably-sourced, long-lasting solid wood elements would take center stage in this magnificent piece. Captivating and unique, Bonny’s signature is the three-dimensional shape of its frame, which transforms the mirror into a dynamic statement piece. Available in four sizes, with frame in solid oak or walnut.
Inspired by traditional African masks, the Kuyu presents precision-cut table legs, which have been created specifically to carry the innovative tabletop. The cut diamonds of solid wood appear sculpturally powerful and at the same time seem to float. Available in a wide range of creative and eye-catching shapes, as well as varying sizes and two different heights, different Kuyu tables can be combined and overlapped to create exciting formations.