March 13, 2019

German manufacturer Zeitraum is known worldwide for producing iconic, modern furniture from Europe’s top designers and architects. Less commonly known, however, is that Zeitraum was founded on the premise that quality, design and environmental sustainability should always go hand-in-hand. This week, we’re showcasing our favorite selections from Zeitraum’s illustrious collection to ensure that your interior is not just chic and elegant, but eco-conscious as well.
Kaschkasch, 2018
If you’ve been searching for evidence that eco-friendly design has evolved way past Chacos sandals and reusable grocery bags, look no further than Zeitraum’s Yoma bed. Light enough that it almost appears to be floating, Yoma’s low frame and clean lines juxtapose to complete an ideal bed for the modern bedroom. Yoma is highly customizable and undeniably contemporary, while still adhering to Zeitraum’s commitment to sustainability.
Formstelle, 2012
In the Friday Lounge, Design-duo Formstelle presents a plush and inviting armchair. Features like a full-grained, high tensile strength, leather back piece and curvaceous frame lend themselves to create a sophisticated and versatile lounge chair, while soft downy cushions encourage you to relax and unwind in superb, eco-conscious comfort. Friday Lounge’s frame is available in oak or walnut, and in ten different optional color stains, allowing you to choose the perfect option for your space.
Mathias Hahn, 2016
With a customizable inner design, Mathias Hahn’s KIN BIG offers an endless array of storage solutions — without harming the planet! Whether used as a compact wardrobe, a generous kitchen cabinet, a large single dresser, or a piece of hallway furniture, KIN BIG promises to fit into your space exactly where you need it.
Aero Architekten, 2015
To eliminate unnecessary materials and waste, 3° Regal is completely independent of screws or glue joints. Like pieces of a puzzle, the vertical shelves are tapered at exactly three degrees to allow the horizontal pieces to divide evenly, as well as fit comfortably within its indentations. Exceptionally customizable, this design can be configured in a wide range of compositions to fit the needs of your room as well as your style preference.
Formstelle, 2012
This traditionally-turned solid wood dining table is made of eco-friendly timber, and is available in several sizes and a wide range of colors. Expertly handcrafted, meticulously smoothed, and finished with the finest natural oils, Turntable exudes an unmistakable sense of quality and natural style.
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