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We simply can’t help it—when it comes to Summer, we are enamored with white furniture. Something about its brightness seems to pair perfectly with the warmer months, while still looking chic and contemporary year-round. Whether you’re designing a residential, commercial, or workplace setting, white tones offer a sense of freshness and modernity. This week, we’re highlighting five elegant and sophisticated pieces, in white, to take your space to the next level.
If you’re anything like us, you can’t get enough of GamFratesi’s Beetle Chair. Just this year, GUBI launched an outdoor version of this contemporary icon, allowing even more possibilities for incorporating this world-renowned design into your home. Made entirely from molded polypropylene, the Beetle Outdoor in Alabaster White is everything we’ve ever wanted in an outdoor chair. Comfortable, stylish, and versatile, you’d be hard pressed to find an environment that wouldn’t benefit from the addition of the Beetle Outdoor. 
Lievore, Altherr, Molina
Playful and contemporary, the Zoe Chair begs you to relax. Extraordinarily comfortable, Zoe’s plush figure allows you to sink in and immerse yourself in supreme summer bliss—and in bright and refreshing white upholstery, the Zoe is simply immaculate. This design adjusts to the shape of the user’s body through interior compartments of micro-beads, which then allow ergonomics to vary with the movement of the body. Zoe’s fun appearance works effortlessly in lounge spaces, bedrooms, and children’s rooms, and is also available in an outdoor version, the perfect finishing touch to a summer home, pool house, or beach getaway.
Angelo Mangiarotti
Iconic Italian designer Angelo Mangiarotti received global acclaim, throughout his lifetime and posthumously, for his incredible work with marble. The M Table represents his first foray into working with this material. This fluid, commanding table holds endless potential to transform your space, featuring a gorgeous silhouette and strong presence that establish the design as an instant statement piece. Available in white Carrara marble, as well as grey Carnic marble, green Alpi marble, Emperador Dark marble, or black Marquina marble.
Luciano Vistosi
From decade to decade, there is something eternally stylish about all-white glass lighting. Designed by Luciano Vistosi in 1978, the iconic Munega table light is a timeless piece, the result of sculptural inspiration combined with skilled freehand technique. Available in several different sizes, this stunning light feels incredibly sophisticated and makes a fantastic addition to both residential and commercial spaces. Munega’s sculpturesque silhouette offers something not often found in lighting designs, providing the lamp with purpose and function far beyond just illuminating a space—it serves as a decorative, art-inspired design that adds dimension and personality wherever it is placed.
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, GUBI released yet another stunning GamFratesi design as an outdoor chair—the timelessly chic Bat Chair. This elegant design gets its name due to its inviting, distinctive shell, which is reminiscent of the shape of a bat’s wingspan. Balancing between the traditional and eccentric, the chair is created with a Scandinavian approach to crafts, simplicity, and functionalism, while also carrying strong references to minimalist design. Weather-resistant and lightweight, Bat offers timeless style that translates from within the home to outside spaces.