February 26, 2020

As February begins to wind down, we can’t help but be enticed by the promise of Spring and Summer days to come. At SUITE, we’ve been hard at work throughout the Fall & Winter to ensure that our collection of outdoor items offers everything you’ll need to dine, lounge, and relax blissfully through the long, sunny days to come. Warmer weather is just around the corner, so why not get a headstart on creating the perfect outdoor space? This week, we’re featuring five items to elevate your outdoor experience. Place your orders now in time for Summer.
Morten Gøttler
Whether your taste leans more toward contemporary or mid-century, if you’re looking for a chic, comfortable outdoor lounge chair, the MG501 Cuba Chair might just be your perfect match. The design captures everything that Morten Gøttler is known for—a clean, easy aesthetic and well-thought-out form, as well as exquisite comfort, and close attention to detail—all created using high-quality materials. Additionally, the chair can be folded and hung on the wall for added convenience, making it fantastically simple to set out and put away as needed. Frame in oiled teak, seat and back in flatweave rope. Available for QUICKSHIP in the US.
In Praise of Shadows
Loggia is a table and bench pair, and consistent with most of Kallemo’s collection, a design genuinely unlike anything we’ve seen before. Rustic yet modern, Loggia is defined by the contrast between a solid wooden seat or tabletop, and a cast iron base. Loggia is simple, yet its individuality and dynamic character shine through in its pyramid-shaped legs and cast iron accents. The table’s large size makes Loggia an ideal outdoor addition for entertaining, perfect for accommodating a large number of guests and facilitating beautiful table spreads. Tabletop and seat in accoya wood.
Børge Mogensen
In the late 1960s, Børge Mogensen designed the Deck Chair Series for his own balcony. The deck chair perfectly highlights the exceptional versatility of wood furniture, and is suitable for a wide range of outdoor settings. Whether placed poolside, atop a deck, or in the grass, the BM5568 is versatile enough to carry its distinct elegance from place to place. The chair, as well as the entire series, is completely foldable to be easily stored away through the winter, or simply when not in use. Available with optional cushion. Available for QUICKSHIP in the US.
David Ericsson
Award-winning Swedish designer David Ericsson is known for creating contemporary designs unlike any other, and the Safari chair is no exception. Entirely unique, Safari is a genuinely innovative vision for an armchair, incorporating a striking combination of both traditional and contemporary influences, resulting in a timelessly chic design. Originally designed as an indoor armchair, the new outdoor version of Safari is made entirely of steel to create a maintenance-free chair, capable of withstanding extended periods of outside use. Optional zinc coating or powder varnish available.
Bodil Kjær
Who says the outdoors can’t be luxurious? The BK14 begs to differ. Designed by iconic Danish architect and designer, Bodil Kjaer, BK14 presents an incredibly comfortable way to lounge while enjoying the open air. Crafted entirely in beautiful oiled teakwood, the sunbed feels just as current now as it did in 1959, when it was initially designed. The wooden base exhibits a harmonious sense of symmetry, while the cushion adds to the overall inviting and comfortable character of the design. BK14 pairs beautifully with the rest of Kjaer’s outdoor collection, which includes a sofa, dining chair, and dining table. Available for QUICKSHIP in the US.
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