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Every year in Milan, Salone del Mobile brings together the world’s most esteemed designers, manufacturers, and showrooms from around the globe—from design industry veterans to exciting new names—to showcase the year’s best and boldest new designs. As expected, this year did not disappoint. Whether you’re in search of lighting, seating, or storage, the event showcased innovative and refreshing pieces that will invigorate and inspire even the most seasoned design connoisseurs. This week, we’re delighted to highlight five of our favorite new launches from Salone to provide a glimpse into 2022.
David Lopez Quincoces
Simply timeless, the Ava screen references mid-century aesthetics and materials while offering a refreshing, contemporary solution for the modern home. Merging Scandinavian and Brazilian design elements, Ava juxtaposes contrasting materials and colors in a way that feels tasteful and sophisticated, imbuing the design with personality without feeling overstated. The design’s ingenuity can also be found in its versatility and ease—whether placed in a bedroom, lounge, or office, Ava will feel right at home. Frame in walnut-stained solid ash, panel in straw with bleached cane bark.
Piero Lissoni
Refined and versatile, the X-T high table is a beautiful example of Glas Italia’s dynamic approach to design. The table’s silhouette is simple yet sophisticated, while the construction demands an exceptional understanding of the materials, techniques, and physics required to create something functional and usable almost entirely out of solid glass. The result is a sleek, contemporary table, ideal for both residential and contract settings looking to modernize their space. Available in square, oval, or circle shapes, in transparent extralight glass, smoked glass, or blue pate glass.
Omi Tahara
Some designs look effortlessly spectacular no matter where they’re placed—Tiny Blendy, the latest in Omi Tahara’s Blendy series, is one of those designs. Unlike previous designs in the collection, Tiny Blendy was intentionally designed to provide improved versatility and easy mobility, prioritizing convenience and functionality. However, neither comfort nor style has been sacrificed in order to meet these ends—the chair’s clean lines and plush cushions combine harmoniously, and the design still offers a deep, comfortable seat to facilitate an exceptional lounge experience. Available upholstered in a wide range of fabrics and leathers.
Giopato & Coombes
Like a constellation of floating pearls, Maehwa is elegant, fluid and airy. Giopato and Coombes frequently cite their own experiences in natural environments as the inspiration behind their innovative designs, and Maehwa is no exception. Its namesake is the Korean word for plum blossom, and is based on the designers’ experience walking through a park in Seoul. Recalling this moment of inspiration, they explain: “People of all ages were turning their heads up to gaze at the plum blossoms, with their open corolla or with small spherical buds still closed, waiting for them to vibrate in the breeze…the leafy branches laden with blossoms were filling the space creating their own composition, and this guided us in designing the compositional structure of the Maehwa collection.”
Inga Sempé
Oltralpe, a piece with soft curves, distorted and undefined reflections, both elusive and optically fluid. Inga Sempé expalins, “I tried to remove any stiffness and sharpness from the mirrored glass, making it soft, almost liquid, giving it a curvature capable of creating elongated and distorted reflections, images without clear limits. The Oltralpe storage units are objects far from the rigid geometry of right angles. The curves of the doors soften the perception: the bedside table turns out to be more pleasant next to the bed; the sideboard in the living room surprises and breaks the canonical equilibrium of classic furniture.”