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At SUITE NY we truly pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our clients. We believe that business relationships involve much more than transactions – It’s embracing the individual members of the vibrant and ever active design and architecture community on a global scale, and right here in our own backyard – New York City. We are excited to be part of the design community and are committed to our involvement in the New York City industry events, fairs and show houses throughout the year.
Our most recent community endeavor is our sponsorship of the Architecture & Design Film Festival. This year, Kyle Bergman and his team curated a handful of poignant short films focused on architecture and design and screened them throughout the first week of November. We were fortunate enough to collaborate with Kyle and his team on a private screening of one of this year’s festival selections, “Designing Life: The Modernist Architecture of Albert C. Ledner.”

This film is a in-depth exploration of a little known but influential organic modernist architect from New Orleans whose buildings for the National Maritime Union in the 1960s have become iconic figures in the NYC landscape. The film follows Ledner’s journey from post WW II student of Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin to the present day where Ledner continues to work and innovate at the ripe age of 93, With interviews and on site tours of his buildings, Albert details his insights and personal inspirations for his varied and experimental designs. The film is intended not only for architecture aficionados, but also for people interested in the creative process, invisible design and thinking radically outside the box.

We kicked off the evening at the Cinepolis Theatre in Chelsea, where SUITE NY outfitted the space with a number of our products. Before the film, our guests were encouraged to lounge in Egg Chairs and experience the Virtual Reality headsets provided by Samsung. After being sat, our guests enjoyed and introduction by the film’s directors Roy Beeson and Catherine Ledner (Albert C. Ledner’s daughter).

After the eye opening documentary, our guests were invited to take a short walk to one of Ledner’s most iconic and well known designs, the National Maritime Union building, now the Maritime Hotel. Here, our guests were thrilled to see the surprise we had in store for them—Albert C. Ledner himself was waiting with a smile on his face and a scotch in his hand!

Our guests were able to meet and converse with Mr. Ledner, the film’s directors and many other contributors who had important roles in the creation of the film. It was quite a special experience.

Overall, we consider our first collaboration with ADFF a huge success. We’re excited to put on more cerebral and thought provoking events that engage our design community in new and interesting ways! If you’d like to secure an invite for any of our future events, please contact rsvp@suiteny.com.