Over the last 14 years, our curated collection has grown to feature a myriad of designers and manufacturers from around the globe—and with thousands of items on our website and hundreds in our Park Avenue showroom, you might be surprised at some of the unexpected hidden gems you can find at SUITE NY. With designs ranging from modern classics to contemporary icons, and everything in between, there are countless items that offer something incredibly unique, allowing you to transform your space into something truly spectacular. This week, we’re highlighting five items you might not have known we had in our collection, but that are sure to offer inspiration, innovation, and excitement.
Pierre Sindre
Windsor is an incredibly unique easy chair. With its cage-like back and swivel base, Windsor’s silhouette is truly one of a kind. Perfect for lounge spaces both personal and professional, the easy chair’s individuality and swivel capability allow Windsor to contribute its style and functionality to a wide range of environments. In keeping with Pierre Sindre’s consistent ability to push the envelope in contemporary design, Windsor’s innovative vision is sure to spark an instant conversation while adding character and personality wherever the chair is placed. Available with low or high back and with an optional neck pillow, the potential for customization and personalization allows Windsor to suit itself to your specific needs and preferences.
Romani Saccani Architetti Associati
Lighting designs carry an incredible capability for transforming a room; not only through the ways they illuminate a space, but through their own identities, as well. Puppet Ring is a light unlike any other, and is guaranteed to create entirely new possibilities in both residential and commercial spaces. A stunning masterpiece in glass defined by an arrangement of floating glass spheres, Puppet Ring is an artistic, innovative endeavor that explores masterful craftsmanship and creative exploration. Playful and exciting, the light is available in three sizes of increasing diameter to cater to different spaces, ensuring that Puppet Ring fits seamlessly into rooms of any size and shape. Glass spheres available in amber, white crystal, crystal, or smoky glass.
Elding Oscarson
Designed to incorporate only the bare necessities, Skissernas is a chair that manages to exude sophistication and good taste without any extraneous or unnecessary details—and like many of Kallemo’s designs, Skissernas displays an unconventional balance of both rustic and contemporary elements through an innovative juxtaposition of hardware and upholstery. Perfect for restaurants, dining rooms, and commercial settings, Skissernas adds the perfect touch of style to complete a space. The chair is conveniently stackable, making it ideal for environments that seat large groups of people or spaces that require frequent rearranging.
Hans J. Wegner
Simple, stylish, versatile—the PP240 Conference Chair is everything a Hans J. Wegner design should be. Created with the purpose of providing exceptionally comfortable upright seating throughout an entire day, PP240 draws inspiration from some of Wegner’s easy chairs, and is essentially an easy chair elevated into a more upright position. This structure allows the design to break the norms and boundaries for how comfortable an upright chair can be, with the potential to transform your workday experience through unmatched comfort and ergonomics. Due to its neutral appearance and seat height, the PP240 is just as easily suited for dining, and can also be used as a desk chair. PP240’s frame is available in oak, ash, or cherry, and fits well in environments alongside other PP Mobler designs, which similarly showcase the profound beauty of natural wood furniture.
Jonas Bohlin
Zink is a prime example of how innovative design can be used to elevate everyday items and transform them into extraordinary works of art. Angular and eye-catching, Zink appears as so much more than a bookshelf; it is a design which incorporates balance, structure, texture, and shape. With a rustic and industrial edge, Zink is perfect for showcasing your favorite literature and magazines, while effortlessly highlighting the uniqueness, versatility, and character of both materials used—birch and concrete. Zink is just the kind of design that you may not immediately expect to find at SUITE NY, but is sure to become an instant favorite as soon as you’ve discovered it.