August 28, 2019

Maybe it’s due to its defining presence in ancient Greece and Rome, or its prevalence in significant buildings throughout history, such as museums and palaces—but there is something about marble that evokes an immediate sense of elegance, regality, and prestige. Even beyond its cultural and historical identity, marble is a stunningly gorgeous stone, whose varying colors, beautiful veins, and brilliant sleekness add an undeniable sense of identity to the spaces they adorn. This week, we’re highlighting five items that allow you to introduce the magnificence of marble into your space to create timeless, extraordinary environments.

Space Copenhagen, 2018

The new Gravity Collection designed by Space Copenhagen is defined by visual contrasts between strength and fragility. Consistent with all of Space Copenhagen’s designs, the Gravity lamp is a forward-thinking and innovative light with references to both mid-century and contemporary styles—the perfect addition to lounge spaces, bedrooms, or a cozy reading nook. Taking its name from the lamp’s distinctive balance between the anchoring of the heavy, cylindrical base and the lightweight, airy shade, emerging as a sculptural, striking design, elegant in every way. Available as a floor or table lamp.  

Luca Nichetto, 2018

Is it a work of art, or a side table? With the Lato table, the answer is both. Striking, graphic and poetic, Lato is an exercise in balance and simplicity, with different shapes and materials joining together. Designer Luca Nichetto explains: “With Lato, I wanted to keep the simplicity and streamline it into a timeless side table in a style that could easily be the centre of attention.” Lato remains a stunning example of a sculpture that is a side table – and vice versa. Available in warm black and Emperador marble, or ivory white and Cream Diva marble.

Angelo Mangiarotti, 1987

Angelo Mangiarotti devoted an enormous amount of his career to creating stunning designs that perfectly highlight the strength and versatility of marble. An enduring classic, Loicio is a sophisticated and timeless design that looks flawless from every angle and elevates the room with its presence, transcending fleeting trends and styles. With its sleek, rounded marble pillars, Loico feels like a subtle reference to the marble sculptures of the Italian Renaissance found in museums around the world. Loico features shelves which can be slotted in to create bookcases in adjustable height and length and is available in white Carrara, grey Carnic, black Marquina marble, green Alpi and Emperador marble.

Angelo Mangiarotti, 1969
Yet another iconic marble design by Angelo Mangiarotti, the M table is a fluid, all-marble occasional table with endless potential to transform your space. An ideal candidate for showcasing all that marble furniture has to offer, M’s gorgeous silhouette and strong presence create a design that becomes an instant and effortless statement piece. Though not a dining table in the traditional sense, the M Table can be catered to meet your every need—an elegant dinner, your morning coffee, a glass of wine, or even working collaboratively on a project. Available in white Carrara marble, grey Carnic marble, green Alpi marble, Emperador Dark marble, or black Marquina marble.
Vincent Van Duysen, 2016

Elegance and convenience meet in pleasant harmony in the VVD Pottery Marble collection. The contrast of wood and marble creates a gorgeous juxtaposition of textures, colors, and patterns, collective reminders that the designs which populate our homes have roots in organic, natural materials from the earth. Simple, chic, and functional, each piece feels like much more than a home accessory, adding character and tastefulness whenever it is used and wherever it is placed. VVD Pottery Marble is ideal for storage but also looks contemporary and stylish displayed in and of itself, in kitchens, dining rooms, and lounge spaces. Available in black or white marble.

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