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Throughout history, American design has had an undeniable impact on style all over the world—and today, designers from varying regions and different generations continue to create interesting pieces, many of which are influenced by the country’s natural landscape and cultural history. This week, we’re sharing five designs by American designers to showcase the innovation and influence found in the United States’ design history and community.
In keeping with their commitment to stunning designs that distinctively merge mid-century and contemporary elements, Asymmetric is yet another magnificent design by our friends at BassamFellows. The Asymmetric Sofa looks elegant and current in virtually any space, exuding a timeless sense of style while also remaining profoundly comfortable, in part due to the cushioned interior which uses gel memory foam. Whether placed in a lounge, guest room, sun room, or elsewhere, the Asymmetric Sofa is certain to elevate any space.
Bill Curry
Pioneer of the first ‘total look’ lamp, American designer Bill Curry designed the Obello Lamp in 1971 with a single glass form, eliminating the need for a separate base. Using the visual form of a mushroom, he took inspiration from the atomic age, space race, and pop culture that would go on to define 1970s Los Angeles. Sadly, he passed away the same year, and never saw the Obello lamp, which was only in a prototype phase, go into production. This year, Danish design house Gubi, has brought this American design back to life and into production.
Smilow Design
The Smilow Floating Platform Bed is a sleeping design-lovers’ dream come true. Designed in the 1950’s by beloved New York designer Mel Smilow, but just relaunched this year, this mid-century masterpiece adds a striking sense of style to the modern bedroom. In addition to being beautiful, elegant, and functional, this bed serves as a revitalized testament to the legacy of this inimitable American designer. While the Floating Platform Bed is a natural companion for other timeless pieces from Smilow Design, its versatility allows it to feel right at home just about anywhere. Available in walnut, ash, ebonized ash, maple, or oak.
Dan Pollock
Dan Pollock’s tables are unique, one-of-a-kind hand-carved sculptures made from naturally felled trees found in the forests of California. Pollock has spent the past 31 years living on a fifteen-acre ranch located in the high desert near the San Bernardino National Forest, and is a woodsman turned artist whose first love has always been the forest and its tranquility which inspires his art. Utilizing a wide range of woods such as White Fir, Giant Juniper, Cottonwood, and Pine, Pollock finds sources for wood that do not require a living tree to be cut down. As he sands and smooths the wood, Pollock seeks to reveal each piece’s own gentle, aged lines, creating an original, inimitable piece of art for spaces of any purpose and function.
Salem Van Der Swaagh
Plush and elegant, just one look at the SVS pillows evokes an immediate feeling of comfort and relaxation. Designer Salem Van Der Swaagh recently relocated back to the United States, and her magnificent textiles continue to showcase her commitment to creating products that have both environmental and social impact. Each innovative SVS Pillow is hand-woven, and made entirely of salvaged material from industrial weaving which is then repurposed into highly textured, luxurious wool products. The SVS pillows are incredibly chic, while versatile enough to fit beautifully into any modern home. Available in black or white.