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Our homes are havens for cherished possessions, and it’s a delightful journey to discover efficient and stylish ways to house our keepsakes, from books to art, and beyond. Some of our most beloved designers have created thoughtful and innovative designs that not only cater to this very need, but also bring character and order to our spaces. In the spotlight this week, we’re celebrating five inventive storage solutions that do more than just declutter; they make a statement while showcasing and organizing your prized possessions.

Line Depping
A toolbox can be just as beautiful as it is practical. Tool Boxes, designed by Line Depping, is a storage unit which, with subtle reference to the classic toolbox, offers a way to organize both collections and everyday items. Her work is a call for you to surround yourself with things you actually use and which speak to you in an aesthetic design language; things you enjoy seeing on a daily basis, year after year. Frame in stainless steel. Drawers in Oregon pine with invisible varnish or color graduated yellow ash.
Jonas Bohlin
Zink is a prime example of how innovative design can be used to elevate everyday items and transform them into extraordinary works of art. Angular and eye-catching, Zink appears as so much more than a bookshelf; it is a design which incorporates balance, structure, texture, and shape. With a rustic and industrial edge, Zink is perfect for showcasing your favorite books and magazines while effortlessly highlighting the uniqueness, versatility, and character of both materials used—birch and concrete.
Angelo Mangiarotti
An enduring classic, Loico tests the boundaries of furniture design by emphasizing architectural elements, technologies, and concepts. Angelo Mangiarotti devoted an enormous amount of his career to creating designs that highlight the strength and versatility of marble. With its sleek, cylindrical pillars, Loico feels like a subtle reference to the sculptures of the Italian Renaissance. A system of custom-made marble shelves with modular dimensions in both height and width, Loico is available in white Carrara, grey Carnic, black Marquina, green Alpi, and Emperador marble.
Time & Style
The Silent Cabinet expresses Japanese aesthetics in a modern form. Inspired by museum display cases, it combines the quiet simplicity of traditional Japanese design and craftsmanship with the modern element of smoked glass. Serving as a multi-purpose storage solution, the Silent Cabinet provides ample space for tastefully organizing your belongings and features a two-column drawer for added convenience. Available in snow white or charcoal grey oak.

Achille Castiglioni
Italian Designer Achille Castiglioni was said to ponder a lot on lost space, contemplating empty, underutilized parts of a room that could be filled with beautiful design. Due to this thinking, he created many designs intended specifically for the corners of the home—Lungangolo is one such design. Lungangolo offers ample storage by providing an extensive number of shelves, while the open nature of the design allows your books and items to be artfully displayed while saving space. The design’s right angles allow for perfect placement in the corner of a room, offering big storage solutions in a small footprint. Available in oiled oak or black oiled oak.