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Finding pieces that are both elegantly designed and adequate for mass seating can be a challenge. This week we bring you five chairs that are both beautiful and functional – designs that can stack for your convenience without sacrificing their aesthetic appeal.
David Ericsson, 2018
Ideal for a café or restaurant setting, the Petite is light and easily stackable to make room for additional space. This clean and minimalistic design features a quiet elegance. Upon closer inspection, however, the expert craftsmanship is present in every detail of its structure.
Anderssen & Voll, 2018
Originally designed for the Langelinie Pavilion in Copenhagen, this piece can suit both dining and office environments alike. The soft aesthetic and visual lightness of the Pavilion, paired with its steel frame, create a durable chair with an airy feel. Available with or without upholstery.
Hans J. Wegner, 1955 | 2014
Designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1955, the CH88 existed only as a prototype until its launch in 2014. Suitable for a wide variety of settings, the numerous finish and framing options of the CH88 grant this stackable chair a unique versatility. Available in a variety of colors.  
Benjamin Hubert, 2016
Created and built to endure, the Pair™ Chair is a truly adaptive piece. Available in a wide range of possible variations, this chair can play multiple roles, either in a restaurant interior, a hospital, or a private residence. Minimalist, yet meticulously designed, the Pair™ is highly customizable to suit your needs.
Arne Jacobsen, 1952
One of the most prominent icons of Arne Jacobsen’s collection, the Ant chair was made to be stable, yet light. Initially designed for the Danish healthcare company, Novo Disk, this piece went on to be shown at the Danish Museum of Decorative Art. Available in a variety of colors and a three or four legged base.