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This week, we’re focusing on a concept that we can’t help but love: stackable items. Easy storage solutions are hard to come by, and there is something wonderfully convenient and effortlessly simple about a design that can be stacked. Additionally, the repetition created by stacking an elegant design can create a uniquely exciting motif in and of itself, while freeing up much-needed space. Today, we’re highlighting five designs, perfect for adding stackable style to any interior.
Ilmari Tapiovaara
Domus is an undeniably beautiful chair, exuding a beautifully sophisticated combination of traditional and mid-century appeal. The initial design was created as part of a series of furniture for the Domus Academica student housing complex in Helsinki, but its uses transcend far beyond what could’ve been imagined. Ergonomic and comfortable, the design is perfect for studying at a desk or dining, while offering the necessary support. The chair’s stackable nature allows it to be incorporated conveniently into workspaces, classrooms, conference rooms, and public settings without feeling cumbersome occupying a large footprint.
TAF Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Ståhlbom
The true epitome of tasteful simplicity, the Atelier Chair was designed for the new restaurant of the National Museum in Stockholm, which evokes an artist’s atelier. This universal wooden chair was commissioned by the museum as part of an initiative to foster contemporary Nordic design, and the result  is compact, lightweight, and stackable. Simple and direct, slender and geometric, the chair possesses elegant details, such as the connecting bars which hug the front legs. Atelier’s comfortable and versatile nature allows this design to feel equally at home at a desk, a dining table, a meeting room, a restaurant or in an auditorium.
Ole Schjøll
The OS Stool is the result of years of design inspiration, and numerous collaborations throughout Ole Schjøll’s career. The design idea has evolved over time, ultimately leading to a beautiful, functional and very durable stool—the epitome of ambitious craftsmanship and design. Light and refreshing, the stool works perfectly whether placed in lounge spaces, bedrooms, or casual dining areas. Crafted without any hardware, the seat and base are wrapped together with leather straps. Featuring a braided wicker cushion and bold, curved legs, Ole Schjøll’s Stool is perfect for entertaining, and can easily be stacked and set aside when not in use.
Pierre Sindre
Clean, effortless, and modern—three words that immediately come to mind when viewing the Sindre chair. The contrast between Sindre’s frame, seat, and back create a stunning visual harmony where the frame appears to be outlining the seat, creating the potential for stylish color combinations to suit your space. Sindre is stackable and available with or without arms, all for your convenience, and retains the unique ability to look fantastic in almost any setting—and when multiple chairs with different colored frames are stacked together, the effect is simply wonderful.
If you’ve been searching for a chic way to serve food or display dining items, look no further than the CB-12 Stacking Tray. Exhibiting a profound sense of midcentury appeal, the CB-12 Stacking Tray is perfectly poised for elegant presentations. Warm and inviting in solid walnut, CB-12 is a chic, timeless way to present tableware, utensils, food, or beverages. These elegant stacking trays are the perfect realization of the values, aesthetics, and qualities that make Bassamfellows’ designs so memorable—the merging of modern and contemporary concepts, coupled with an extraordinary appreciation for the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.