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Our relationship with Zeitraum dates back over a decade—just one look at their collection, and it’s easy to see why. Founded in 1990 and specializing in solid wood furniture, this iconic German manufacturer is a powerhouse in the design industry, known for designs that innovate, inspire, and raise the bar in every possible way. From the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into each item to the unmatched commitment to using only the highest-quality materials, in each design, Zeitraum expresses an impeccable understanding of beautiful, functional design. Additionally, the brand upholds an unwavering commitment to sustainability, actively working to reduce waste and carbon emissions through eco-conscious production methods, and by creating designs that are built to last a lifetime.This week, we’re featuring five designs to give you a preview of Zeitraum’s incredible collection here at SUITE NY.
Läufer and Keichel
The Nonoto Bar is a simple design, but not without character. In addition to beautifully showcasing the qualities of the wood, the shapes of the seat and backrest create a charming silhouette and sense of personality, while the metal footrest provides a welcome touch of contrast. Perfect for kitchen islands, home bars, or commercial settings, the Nonoto Bar is a chic and subtle addition to a wide range of environments and is versatile enough to blend seamlessly in more traditional or contemporary spaces. Finished in natural oils or stained in ten color varieties including chalk, light warm gray, cold gray, dark warm gray, graphite gray, graphite black, aqua blue, mint blue, salmon pink and pink pastel.
Lorenz Kaz
The elegance of Pelle is simply undeniable. Drawing from both Italian and Scandinavian influences, this incredibly chic chair simply exudes sophistication and good taste. The chair has a semi-circular back and armrests which clearly reflect the language of Scandinavian design classics. However, the seat is freely suspended and made from saddle leather with a unique leather-bound aluminum inlay, which sets Pelle apart from classic designs through certain nods to technological and design innovation. While much of Pelle’s appeal is refreshingly contemporary, this versatile design also fits perfectly alongside distinctive, mid-century designs. Solid wooden frame available in beech, oak, or walnut, in a wide variety of color stains. Saddle leather seat available in light grey, dark grey, natural, maroon, dark brown, or black.
Läufer and Keichel
The Curtain Table is Zeitraum’s newest design, and during a year where beauty and inspiration are needed more than ever, Curtain brought us just what we needed. Refreshing and unexpected, the Curtain table is a contemporary design, created for this very moment in time. A solid, sturdy tabletop placed on wooden legs that almost appear as if flowing in a wave-like pattern creates a dynamic and exciting juxtaposition, creating an atmosphere of serenity and inner-calm while instantly leaving an impression on those who view it. The legs are precision-crafted from solid high-end wood that simultaneously supports a large-sized solid wood table top, inspiring a breathtaking balance. The Curtain is a profound and effortless statement piece, and an exceptional addition to the modern home. Available in white oiled ash, oak, knotty oak, color stained oak, cherry, walnut, or knotty walnut.
Elegant and inviting, the Friday Lounge is a shining example of Zeitraum’s expert understanding of solid wood furniture. The solid wooden frame appears to flow smoothly around the chair, offering beautiful curves that showcase all the characteristics and features that natural wood has to offer. The Friday Lounge has a back section of leather with a design reminiscent of a pattern cut, which adds personality and innovation. Soft downy cushions lie gently in the frame while a sophisticated technical construction of spring action and seat cushion offer superb comfort designed to last a lifetime. If you’re looking for a stylish and cozy chair for a lounge or living space, the Friday Lounge is certain to check off every box on your list.
El Schmid
The desire for simplicity and the pleasure found in pure design led to the Read Noon and entire Noon Collection. Designer El Schmid is originally from Austria, where he was born in 1953. He started working with metal during his apprenticeship as a craftsman, and in a second apprenticeship in Munich, he became familiar with materials such as brass, bronze, and silver. He later studied graphic design, and in his own master workshop, he dedicated 10 years to the creation of individual designer pieces, which influenced the Munich design scene during that period. All of these different skills and passions influenced the Read Noon light in subtle ways. This contemporary floor lamp is an exercise in minimalism and balance, and it’s innovation and elegance shine through in its simplicity.