December 01, 2017

By definition, a shape-shifter is a being with the ability to change its physical form at will. This week, we bring you five innovative designs that morph and transform for optimum functionality.
Angelo Mangiarotti, 1990
As simple as it is brilliant, the compositional and functional justifications for the Quattrotto table lie in the beauty and magic of geometry. A square-shaped table, ideal for seating four, transforms and extends to accommodate eight by constructing triangles along the sides of the square-shaped top.
Michaël Verheyden
The Coupe collection celebrates pure, clean forms by combining innovation, craftsmanship, and detail. The conical lid can be flipped and placed directly inside the bowl to create a flat surface, or removed entirely to contain anything from a grouping of fruit to your most precious possessions. This substantial container is available in a selection of beautiful timbers or marble.
Jan Armgardt & Ingo Maurer, 1984
Tattomi is a true three-in-one— low chair, chaise lounge, and bed. Inspired by the minimalist style of Japanese tatami chairs and mats, Tattomi’s multiple functions are made possible by simply adjusting the frame; the ideal solution for an unexpected guest or a pause that turns into a nap.
Mathias Hahn, 2014
This writing desk is visually proportioned like a classic table. However, a section of the tabletop slides to the side, opening up a space that can accommodate paper, stationary, pens, or a laptop. As the tabletop shifts, the surface remains horizontal so that your workstation is left undisturbed.
Achille Castiglioni & Giancarlo Pozzi, 1988
This versatile cabinet is set off-center and has a tray-shaped lid that opens and closes with hinges. This elegant multi-purpose unit can be used as a bedside table, a tray, a coffee table or simply as a storage box for all your favorites. Supposedly Castiglioni, being a big fan of sweets, used his own Comodo to store candy!
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