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Functionality is a cornerstone of effective design, allowing the furniture in our homes to become beautiful works of art and welcome additions that improve the way we live. Innovative functionality can be found in designs imbued with qualities that allow it to change forms by being stacked, folded, connected, or reconfigured. This week, we’re showcasing five shape-shifting designs that offer extraordinary functionality paired with elegant aesthetics.
Povl B. Eskildsen
The multifunctional Riviera Lounge has the ability to expand in width, which enables it to serve as a chair and table, a sofa, or a level surface that can serve as a sun bed. Riviera Lounge showcases the qualities of FSC-certified solid teak through a sophisticated slatted design. Left untreated, the surface will patinate over time and eventually turn a beautiful silvery grey. Optional cushion available in solid or striped colorways.
Hvidt & Mølgaard
To create a versatile piece that can adapt to its surroundings, design duo Hvidt & Mølgaard devised Drop Leaf in 1956. As the name suggests, this handsome table was built with a hinged section on each side that easily folds down from the fixed center and can be used as both a console table or a dining table. Available in white oiled oak or oiled walnut.
Jan Armgardt & Ingo Maurer
Tattomi is a fully upholstered lounge chair that folds and unfolds into a range of different designs. Multiple functions are made possible by changing different parts of the frame, making it an ideal solution for an unexpected guest or a brief pause that turns into a luxurious nap. The minimalist lines and low-to-the-floor style are inspired by the Japanese Tatami chairs and mats, while the design’s unique foldable functionality allows it to occupy a wide range of uses. Tattomi can lie flat on the floor as a bed, fold out into an elongated daybed, or fold up into a stylish armchair. Available in three sizes and a variety of fabrics.
Mel Smilow
Like all of Mel Smilow’s designs, the Slatted Stacking Tables showcase many of the qualities that make mid-century design so timeless, with an added commitment to functionality. The contrast between the varying shades and tones of the natural wood, combined with the geometric beauty of the slatted tabletop, add dimension to this already exceptional design, which functions as both a table and a seat. Standing alone, a single table is a perfect place to set down a cup of tea, and with a cushion, it becomes convenient, additional seating.

FK 10/11 PLICO
Fabricius & Kastholm
The Plico Lounge chair takes its name from the Latin word ‘to fold.’  Plico offers a supreme lounge experience in both low and high-back versions and is fully-foldable.  The solid oak frame is shaped for stability while lounging. We love the added character of the saddle leather armrests and visible brass fittings. The stitched linen canvas back, seat rest and cushions offer the ultimate in comfort.