May 26, 2020

Bright blue mornings, golden afternoons, pastel evening skies… the romantic colors of Spring and Summer emerge just when we need them most, making the grays and whites of Winter feel like a distant memory. From soft floral tones to deep sunset hues, the colors of the warmer months evoke immediate feelings of warmth and pleasure. This week, we’re highlighting five designs that allow you to bring those perfect seasonal moments into your home or workspace.
Patricia Urquiola
Nothing says summer like a Los Angeles sunset, and this stunning glass table by beloved Italian designer, Patricia Urquiola, brings this feeling into any space it occupies. In keeping with Urquiola’s innovative portfolio, L.A. Sunset is a study in the relationship between color and light, defined by beautiful tones and subtle shifts in color. The top, in laminated glass with opaline finish, is a palette of colors blending and mixing with one another like vapor or fluids, disguising the solid state of the material. This dynamic table comes to life as light moves through the room, creating an ambiance and environment unlike any other. Available in midnight blue or pearly copper.
Line Depping
Like a vision of bright Daffodils growing in the early Spring, Tool Boxes is warm and welcoming with its stylish yellow gradient. Designed with the intention of proving that tool boxes can be more than just practical, they can be beautiful, the subtle shift in color from shelf to shelf creates a sense of visual harmony and adds a contemporary edge to this already forward-thinking design. Each drawer takes hours to make, and only the highest quality materials are selected to use. If you’re looking for a way to bring some springtime warmth into your home organizing, Tool Boxes may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.
Mattias Ljunggren
Bright and vivid, the Cobra Stool offers an ideal opportunity to add a desired pop of color into spaces of any size, taste, and function. This modern and minimalist stool is delightfully simple, but still retains a dynamic character, through contrasting materials and textures which bring the chair to life without feeling overstated. Cobra is conveniently stackable, making it perfect for a wide variety of applications be it commercial or residential—a simple yet striking design. Seat in birch, frame in chromed steel.
Pierre Paulin
With comfort as the constant starting-point in his designs, the curvaceous, whimsical and organic shapes of Paulin’s Pacha Chair were conceived to serve the body, providing both comfort and coziness. Plush and inviting, this is a lounge chair with personality, and in light pink, Pacha introduces refreshing floral tones to your space. Looking as contemporary today as when it was first designed, the Pacha Chair is an honest, functional piece that brings life and character to any interior setting.
Mia Hamborg and Peter Hagen
All of the colors of the season find themselves stacked together in Mia Hamborg & Peter Hagen’s unique and playful Shuffle Table. This incredibly innovative table features removable pieces that can be repositioned as desired to create different color sequences and height levels, allowing for endless combinations and customization. Whether a child at heart or someone who favors unique design, these pieces will surely liven up your room with their interactive nature. The sleek lacquered MDF coating ensures that the Shuffle Table still carries a sense of refinement and sophistication, ideal to juxtapose the design’s whimsical nature.
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