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Designs are about so much more than functionality – some of our most cherished designs reference art movements, history, worldwide cultures, and architecture. Throughout our collection, we have dozens of pieces that evoke walking through a gallery or museum, as their designs took inspiration from sculptures. This week, we’re showcasing five sculptural designs to add artistry and elegance to your space.
Dan Svarth
Contemporary and strikingly chic, Dan Svarth’s wire chair highlights the sculptural qualities of metal. Sleek and fluid, the Wire Chair defies our conventional understanding of a lounge chair and is an exercise in creating metal art and a functional chair. Unique and undeniably a statement piece, the Wire Chair sets the tone for a magnificently forward-thinking setting, by defining and transforming the room. The frame is available in hand-polished stainless steel.
Alvar Aalto
Truly a work of art, Paimio Armchair 41 is a stunning example of Artek’s decades-long commitment to innovative design. This armchair’s light, organic form, reinvents and reinterprets the idea of the traditional club chair. Fixed to the frame at only four points, the chair’s seat appears to float. The curvaceous armrests are formed from a single piece of wood that is then split in half, ensuring perfect balance. The frame is available in birch, with clear or black lacquer.
Angelo Mangiarotti
With Clizia’s curvaceous silhouette and structure carved from solid marble or cast in concrete, the design evokes immediate references to historic marble works of art, such as those found in the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Clizia is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to transform any part of your home. When in use, Clizia is a functional and comfortable seat; when left unused, the design resembles a work of art. Clizia is available in white Carrara marble, Travertine, black Marquina marble, and now, cast concrete.
Hans J. Wegner
Conceived in 1954, the Tub Chair was a pioneering experiment, the most advanced shell chair that Hans Wegner ever designed—so advanced it was not possible to produce during his lifetime. Now revived by PP Møbler, the Tub Chair is comfortable and visually stunning, a testament to Wegner’s timeless brilliance and creativity. The chair can be adjusted into three available positions—upright, middle, and laid-back—for added functionality and convenience, combining elegance and practicality.
Aldo Bakker
With a shape that appears to reference a spiral staircase and a silhouette that creates a unique interplay between light and shadows, Aldo Bakker’s Coffee Table is an entirely new idea for an occasional table. The table’s construction required a masterful understanding of metalwork and sustainability, as it consists entirely of a single sheet of steel, cut so that it can be “rolled up” into a table in one smooth motion, thus minimizing the use of any unnecessary materials or resources. This sculptural design is captivating and unexpected, designed to inspire conversation and provide an unparalleled concept for a coffee table. The table is available in powdercoated steel in sky grey, dusty green, dark sepia, bay leaf, or dark terracotta.