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Room dividers are a beautiful tool for separating spaces and creating different atmospheres within environments. By nature, they also serve as a blank canvas, allowing designers to exercise their true creativity and artistic expression. This week, we’re showcasing five stylish screens to add privacy, organization and visual depth to your space.
The Fragment panel screen’s unique appearance is created by two perpendicular crystals applied to a double-sided polished aluminum frame. The interplay with transparency, reflection and depth projects a fragmented, mirrored reflection on both sides. This superb design by Japanese designer Nendo is modular and panels can be added to fit any configuration.
David Lopez Quincoces
The Ava screen references mid-century aesthetics and materials while offering a contemporary solution for the modern home. Merging Scandinavian and Brazilian design elements, Ava juxtaposes contrasting materials and colors in a sophisticated way. Whether placed in a bedroom, lounge, or office, Ava will compliment any space. Frame in walnut-stained solid ash, panel in straw with bleached cane bark.
Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
With the Rayures Screen, designer siblings, Erwan and Rowan Bouroullec have created a stunning, versatile piece. “We never think that something is distinctively for the home or office – we think that everything can go anywhere.” The glass panels add a soft touch of color while filtering light and adding a touch of privacy.
Tokujin Yoshioka
Prism is a partition panel made of faceted, high-transparency mirrored glass. The randomly placed curves refract light to create exciting reflections in its surroundings, resulting in a design which is observed and experienced. Each screen is crafted by Glas Italia’s master glass artisans and is available in two sizes.
Cecilie Manz
The design of the minimalist Separat space divider lets its wooden surfaces speak for themselves and highlights the exceptional versatility of naturally oiled ash. The tanned leather hinges add depth and character, and as this beautiful piece ages, the leather will acquire a magnificent patina.