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Providing strength, durability, and style, rope and cord can be transformative when incorporated into furniture designs. The unique textural and tensile qualities of these materials can be used in compelling ways, serving as a vehicle for designers to fully tap into their creativity. This week, we’re showcasing five outstanding designs highlighting the endless potential of rope and cord.
Ronan & Erwan Boroullec
Minimalist and impressive, the Rope Chair’s ingenuity can be found in the dynamic interplay between the flax rope and steel frame. Initially made for maritime use, the rope is at the heart of the chair’s unexpected comfort, providing both strength and adaptability. Designers Ronan and Erwan Boroullec created this unique design featuring a wood seat and rope back and arms.
David Ericsson
The Hedda chair is a prime example of how different organic materials can work in tandem to create a timeless, versatile chair. With a nod to tradition, Hedda draws from a variety of cultures and regions to present a design that is forward-thinking and elegant. The chair’s ergonomic design is suited for long periods of sitting. Hedda manages to feel contemporary wherever it is placed, be it a restaurant, home, or public space.
Hans J. Wegner
A showstopper from any angle, the PP-129 Web Chair is a design unlike any other. The masterful weaving of the Flag Halyard roping, which creates a sturdy, comfortable back, speaks to the exceptional craftsmanship wielded by PP Møbler’s artisans. The interplay of the web with the solid wood frame results in a detailed, dynamic silhouette. Roping available in natural or black. Frame available in oak, ash, or black wood; also available in orange, red, green, or magenta lacquer.
Mel Smilow
The Woven Rush Lounge Chair is the epitome of a timeless design and a testament to the work of beloved New York designer, Mel Smilow. The design features a handwoven rush seat, which offers an inviting texture that appeals to the senses of sight and touch. Versatile enough to blend seamlessly into traditional, mid-century, or contemporary spaces, the Woven Rush collection also includes a dining chair, a bench, and an ottoman.

Mathias Rasmussen
The MR01 is a simply gorgeous design. The repeating lines of the identical wooden crossbars, in combination with the rope seat and backrest, cast geometric shadows and intersect each other when viewed from different angles, almost creating optical illusions. Incredibly, the chair is constructed without a single nail. As Jacob Gubi explains: “In many ways, it seems as if you might have seen this chair before, but it is an evolutionary interpretation and development of Danish furniture traditions.”