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The past ten years have shown that the design world is not just alive but thriving and expanding, with new and exciting designs, designers, and trends shaping modern life and the world as we know it. As this decade comes to an end, we’re excited to look forward and explore what’s next. This week, we’re highlighting designs that showcase the trends and styles to look for in the year to come. From all of us at Suite NY, we wish you a happy and healthy New Year.
Dan Svarth
Born out of a collaboration between designer Dan Svarth and Danish manufacturer A. Petersen, the idea behind the Dan Svarth Sofa was to design a new sofa with its own unique character, while referencing modernist classics and utilizing high-quality materials. The result is a beautifully distinguished sofa with elegant curves, clean lines, and timeless appeal, which is attractive and appealing when viewed from virtually any angle. With its high, rounded back, and surprisingly angled profile, the sofa creates a uniquely modern silhouette while also contributing to a cozy, cocoon-like atmosphere within the sofa itself. 
Angelo Mangiarotti
Yet another iconic marble design by Angelo Mangiarotti, the M table is a fluid, all-marble occasional table with endless potential to transform your space. An ideal candidate for showcasing all that marble furniture has to offer, M’s gorgeous silhouette and strong presence create a design that becomes an instant and effortless statement piece. Though not a dining table in the traditional sense, the M Table can be catered to meet your every need—an elegant dinner, your morning coffee, a glass of wine, or even working collaboratively on a project. Available in white Carrara marble, grey Carnic marble, green Alpi marble, Emperador Dark marble, or black Marquina marble.
Aldo Bakker
Beauty can be found in simplicity, and never has this idea been more evident than in the Brown Table. The Brown Table is the wooden version of Aldo Bakker's Green Table, originally made with Urushi lacquer. It depicts the simplest concept of a table: two legs and a surface. The legs are an elongation of the line created by the tabletop, while the tabletop and the base of the legs have the same width, making them equally important to the design. The Brown Table presents an innovatively minimalist yet strikingly contemporary design, perfect for today’s home, as well as museums, restaurants, hotels, and public spaces.
Elisa Ossino
Available as a suspension or table lamp, Elementi offers the illusion of a floating glass orb. The light's structure is made of powdercoated black matte glass and includes a rod that seems to spear through the glass sphere, culminating in a simple flat disk. Elementi is incredibly contemporary, so much so that it almost feels futuristic. In the home, Elementi works well as a statement piece; in commercial or public spaces, the light looks exceptional when repeated throughout a space. No matter how it's used, Elementi is a gorgeous addition to any modern space.
Tadao Ando, 2013
Astonishingly comfortable and expertly designed, the Club Sling Chair is officially your new favorite seat. Designed to achieve extraordinary comfort, the seat is suspended in a cubic frame, with a reclining back pitched to an angle that allows for both engagement and repose. The materials and construction radiate true craftsmanship, pairing exceptionally soft leather cushioning with a four-post wood and steel structure. BassamFellows continues to push structural boundaries in its designs, while elevating design details to a whole new level.