April 07, 2020

Just last week, we received news that cabinetmaker and friend, Ejnar Pedersen—one of the founders of the pioneering Danish manufacturer, PP Møbler—had passed away shortly after celebrating his 97th birthday. This week, we are dedicating our newsletter to celebrating the incredible life and work of Mr. Pedersen, whose talent, passion, and dedication have forever changed the world of Danish design.
Administrating Director Søren Holst Pedersen
and his father, Ejnar Holst Pedersen
the founder of PP Møbler.
Ejnar Pedersen was born in Denmark in 1923, and founded PP Møbler alongside his brother, Lars, in 1953. Under Ejnar’s leadership, PP Møbler released countless beautiful pieces, championing Danish craftsmanship over the course of several decades and influencing generations of future designers.
Hans J Wegner (sitting) and master of craftsmen Ejnar Pedersen at PP Møbler’s workshop 1987 evaluating pp58 from three criteria: There must be plenty of space for the behind, arms and back need good support and you should be able to change position, so you can sit comfortably and relaxed over a long period of time.
By upholding the core tenets of Danish design, alongside an unwavering commitment to the highest quality production methods, Ejnar secured his place as one of the most distinguished figures in design history, partnering with iconic designers such as Hans J. Wegner and Poul Kjærholm.
From left: Kasper Holst Pedersen, Søren Holst Pedersen, Ejnar Pedersen.
Ejnar’s commitment to his work is also evident in his family’s lineage, where the craft and leadership of PP Møbler has been passed down from one generation to another. His grandson Kasper is the current CEO of PP Møbler, ensuring that his grandfather’s work will be shared and enjoyed by many around the world, for years to come. The family’s dedication to keeping tradition alive has set the brand apart, and allowed PP Møbler’s values to remain intact over the course of nearly seven decades.
Woodworking details at the PP Møbler Workshop
At SUITE NY, we feel privileged to honor the inimitable work of Ejnar Pedersen, recognizing his undeniable impact and celebrating his legacy through designs that transform our spaces and bring joy into our lives. Below you may see our favorite PP Møbler piece, currently at our Park Avenue Showroom, the PP19 Papa Bear chair is what we consider to be an investment for life. Hand-crafted by gifted Danish craftsmen to the highest standards.
Designed by Hans J. Wegner and produced at the PP Møbler workshop in Allerød, Denmark
One of Hans J. Wegner’s classic designs, this iconic piece designed in 1951, was PP’s first introduction to Wegner. PP produced the frame in the 1950’s and 60’s as a sub-supplier to its manufacturer AP Stolen. On Wegner’s initial visit to the PP workshop to inspect the work in progress, he questioned the need for such high quality on a part that would be hidden by upholstery. Ejnar Pedersen responded by stating that the craftsmen needed to have pride in their work. Besides, PP Møbler only produces first class quality.
The PP19 Papa Bear chair also prompted the beginning of PP Møbler’s in-house upholstery department, as requested by Wegner himself in order to ensure that only the highest quality, old traditional materials, such as plant fibers, horse hair, and cotton, were used in the making of this iconic piece. 
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