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Whether reflected or directly emitted, light truly is the essence of a space. It shapes our world, enhances moods, and determines how we feel. While styles and trends change frequently, the need for designs that illuminate our spaces functionally and creatively remains constant. This week, we’re highlighting five designs that interact with light in ways that elevate, transform, and redefine the places we live and work in.
Jaime Hayon, 2019
Throughout history, Mushrooms have been used for many things—medicine, food, and skincare, to name a few. However, Jaime Hayon’s Setago might be the first time a Mushroom has been used as inspiration for a lamp. Setago is a quirky and contemporary design, deriving its name from the Spanish word for “mushroom,” a clear indicator of the lamp’s shape and silhouette. A further clue to the light’s identity is signified by the suffix 'go,’ because this portable lamp is unburdened by an electrical cord, allowing it to move virtually anywhere. With its playful and creative appearance, Setago adds personality and style wherever it is placed while emitting a soft and inviting light.
Philippe Starck, 2019
In Marlene, Designer Philippe Starck imagined a mirror that provides not only a true reflection, but with its curved surface, creates an unexpected fantasy image that is also reflected to create both an accurate and augmented reality. This effect is created using precise molding, polishing, and hand-crafting techniques, which bends and refracts light making Marlene a mirror unlike any other. Available in several colors, Starck describes Marlene as “the very expression of both a real and phantasmagoric vision of oneself."
Kastholm & Fabricius, 1963 | 2019
Jørgen Kastholm and Preben Juhl Fabricius were Danish architects whose work influenced the signature style of Danish Modernism. &Tradition’s relaunch of the P376 pendant lamp honors the duo’s original design from 1963. Comprising five concentric shades which gently curve towards the center to emit a soft, diffused light, the lamp is a testament to style, functionality, and art. P367 is available in white or aluminum.
Sebastian Herkner, 2019
Mirrors don’t simply reflect images; they reflect light as well, which in turn changes the feel of the room they adorn. Named after the French word for ‘groove,’ Sillon’s furrowed frame is the mirror’s defining feature, inspired by the Art Deco movement. Sillon is striking and elegant by default, but becomes exceptionally impressive when hung in a group or pattern. Sillon is available in three sizes with a frame available in brass or chrome, allowing it to cater to different tastes and different spaces.
Giopato & Coombes, 2019
One night, design duo Christiana Giopato and Christopher Coombes were strolling through the park and found themselves inspired by the dewdrops on blades of grass, glistening as they reflected the subtle light of the moon. Dewdrops is this moment brought to life—an abstract interpretation of one of nature’s most beautiful patterns, something we see every day but often take for granted. In keeping with Giopato & Coombe’s portfolio of unique and forward-thinking lighting designs, Dewdrops' structure and silhouette are exceptionally innovative. Defined by a sophisticated visual lightness, this balancing mobile lighting structure emits a soft light and is available in two configurations.