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Dining chairs provide an exceptionally versatile template for designers; though the universal principles are seemingly simple, there are virtually endless directions in which a designer can take a dining chair. From classic, iconic designs to contemporary pieces that break free of typical design conventions, dining chairs never cease to amaze and inspire us. Additionally, the comfort and function of dining chairs play an integral, essential role in establishing optimal dining experiences, allowing us to sit and enjoy meals, and the company of others, for extended periods of time. This week, we’re highlighting five inimitable dining chairs to elevate your dining experience—both visually and functionally—to an entirely new level.
Ole Wanscher
Representing a flawless blend of dynamic, beautiful solid wood and a stylish upholstered seat, the T-Chair offers a unique silhouette and refreshing shape. Initially designed in 1958, yet eternally stylish, the chair has been adjusted in height to provide optimal ergonomics for individuals of a wider range of heights. Sculptural and enticing, the piece manages to feel both classic and modern, showcasing a sophisticated elegance and visual lightness. The result of careful processing and many carpentry hours to achieve smooth transitions in the sustainable wood joints, the chair’s most striking detail is the T-shaped backrest which merges seamlessly with the chair’s back legs and gives the chair a three-legged appearance. Despite its light expression, the design has a wide, upholstered seat that provides excellent comfort, making it ideal for dining use.
Vico Magistretti
Bold personality and detailed construction make Fritz Hansen’s Carimate truly special. Vico Magistretti designed the original chair for the golf club Carimate in Italy, and the resulting design is utterly recognizable from every angle. “The Carimate is a special chair with a lot of presence and personality. Vico Magistretti made a modern classic with this design. It’s strong alone or around a dining table,” explains Christian Andresen, Fritz Hansen’s Head of Design. Every chair is individually numbered for authenticity and longevity, with a brass plaque under each seat indicating its unique number. Featuring a gorgeously textured flag-line seat and FSC-certified lacquered wooden frame, Carimate is a timeless, enduring addition to the dining table.
Time & Style
Slim, delicate, ethereal—Sensitive Light is a beautiful chair, combining Japanese aesthetics with European design sensibilities. Lightweight and slender, the chair’s shape and silhouette is inspired by the architecture of Shinto shrines and temples, with a seat and legs that form a single structure made of bleached and anthracite grey beechwood. The entire chair is carefully finished by hand, an exercise in precision, to create a flawless, balanced design. Sensitive Light is an innovative, minimalist addition to the dining room, perfect for creating a chic and sophisticated environment without feeling overstated or taking up excessive space. Frame in stained solid beechwood, available in snow white or grey-charcoal, padded seat available in grey fabric or dark brown leather.
David Regestam
Wonderfully innovative, Viva is an elegant and eye-catching chair with an exceptional emphasis on comfort. Designer David Regestam set out with the intention of creating a cozy and intimate seating experience that could bring the desirable comfort of an easy chair into dining spaces. Viva’s juxtaposition of both contemporary and mid-century elements ensure that the design will blend seamlessly into a wide range of spaces, adding much-needed comfort to dining areas. Additionally, the chair is made exclusively of environmentally sustainable materials with a stand of wood and a seat of recycled blanket material, ensuring that the chair is not just stylish, but eco-conscious, as well.
Contemporary and approachable, the Violin Chair is a recent edition to GUBI’s extensive collection of dining chairs. The name references the two parallel lines that extend from the backrest to a horizontal bar below the seat, evoking two parallel strings on a violin. It was these two lines, in the form of two pencil marks on the very earliest sketch, that provided the initial spark of inspiration for the design. The chair is open and spacious, allowing you to easily twist around to speak to the person sitting next to you at dinner, while still remaining comfortable long after dessert and coffee are served. Additionally, the rounded, embracing backrest offers an element that is both an artistic choice and functionally ergonomic. Available with upholstery or in oiled oak or oiled walnut.