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REAL SIMPLE: Tool the Bookworm

The holiday season is officially in full swing and publications everywhere are dishing out their annual gift guides. Featured in Real Simple magazine’s Stocking Stuffers section is none other than the playful Tool the Bookworm Feather Quill and Pointer Finger from Tom Dixon. Tool The Bookworm, a part of the Eclectic Collection, features a collection of unique bookmarks to mark your place in your latest read. Formed from etched sheet brass and available in seven styles – a quill, a hand, a magnifier, a pen, a dandelion, a postcard, and a playing card – these elegant bookmarks carry intricate design details as well as the Tom Dixon logo digitally etched onto the surface. Essentials for any bookworm, these pieces make wonderful gifts as much as little treasures to keep in your favorite book.

Shop SUITE NY for Tool the Bookworm bookmarks from the Tom Dixon Eclectic home accessories collection, as featured in Real Simple magazine’s and our very own Holiday 2015 Gift Guide.