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Is anything more awe-inspiring than lounging outdoors during a Summer sunset? As the warmer months arrive, we’re enamored with all the balmy, pastel-colored evenings to come. However, the only thing that makes a patio sunset more magical is the addition of chic, comfortable, functional designs to help you maximize the experience and truly immerse yourself in the moment. This week, we’re highlighting five elegant designs to elevate your patio this season so you can enjoy each sunset in luxurious comfort and extraordinary style.
Lievore, Altherr, Molina
Playful and contemporary, the Zoe Chair simply begs you to unwind and let go of any stress or tension. Extraordinarily comfortable, Zoe’s plush figure allows you to sink in and immerse yourself in supreme Summer bliss. The design takes the shape of the user’s body through interior compartments of micro-beads, which then allow ergonomics to vary with the movement of the body. Zoe’s outdoor version is the perfect way to add comfort and relaxation to any outdoor space. This piece can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics and is available in many different sizes, as a pouf, as a chaise, or as a lounge chair.
Gabriele and Oscar Buratti
Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be bland, nor should it ever sacrifice style, as it is evident with the Saen Outdoor table. Elegant and refined, Saen’s fluid silhouette offers a sense of sophistication and modernity not often found in items designed for outdoor use, and makes the perfect addition to a garden, terrace, or patio. The range of colors, as well as dining and coffee table options, allow this beautiful design to cater to a wide range of spaces, functions, and taste preferences, wherever it is most needed. Base and tabletop available in black, white, graphite grey, and sand.
Woodnotes Design Team
This collection is available in a wide range of stylish, neutrally-colored patterns, each one exhibiting a chic, modern minimalism. The carpets’ material is sea and swimming pool water-resistant, and suitable for all moist and humid conditions. Furthermore, the carpets are exceptionally soft, abrasion-resistant, and designed to facilitate the quick transpiration of moisture, while also offering a material whose colors will remain undamaged by extended exposure to sunlight. Woodnotes thought of everything, and the result is a contemporary outdoor carpet that will endure the test of time, both aesthetically and functionally.
Lucidi & Pevere
Introducing plush, luxurious, comforting upholstery to the patio setting, the Yak Outdoor Sofa is a gorgeous and contemporary addition to your outdoor space. The sofa is held together by a wooden dowel that blocks the woven polypropylene yarn backing in a mechanical way and becomes the outstanding earmark of the sofa. The Yak incorporates masterful construction techniques that have made Italian manufacturing famous all over the world, while showcasing a beautiful juxtaposition of materials and textures—perfectly equipped to provide impeccable style and extraordinary comfort to patios, decks, poolside spaces, and cabanas.
Tore Ahlsén
Tore Ahlsén’s career was defined by an ongoing, collaborative partnership with his brother, and this familial design duo is responsible for creating many iconic buildings throughout Sweden. Designed in 1940, Ahlsén’s own creative genius gifted us with the Pia collection, starting with the curvaceous and delicate Pia Chair—a design that almost feels reminiscent of the Victorian era. With its elegant, slim structure and quaint white frame, the Pia fits beautifully into any garden setting, patio, or outdoor restaurant. Both foldable and stackable, this refreshing and timeless design allows for easy storage and mobility.