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SUITE NY’s decades-long partnership with Danish design brand Gubi continues to grow stronger with every year, and as their collection evolves and expands, we remain continuously enamored with the brand’s unmatched commitment to design innovation. GUBI’s new outdoor collection, Al Fresco, is no exception, capturing the elegance they are known for while allowing you to introduce impeccable style and sophistication into your outdoor spaces, including patios, terraces, lawns, poolside areas, and so much more. Expanding on their tradition of masterful design, supreme functionality, and contemporary Danish aesthetics, each piece in Gubi’s new outdoor collection is meant to transform and refine the outdoor experience.
Pierre Paulin
Plush, curvaceous, and astonishingly comfortable, Pacha evokes the sense of lounging atop a cloud. In its outdoor rendition, the design’s customizable nature continues, allowing for an endless array of modular arrangements to suit the scale and style of your outdoor space, offering an opportunity to lounge serenely for hours on end. Pacha’s construction features a specially developed membrane interlayer that is both water-resistant and breathable to ensure quick drying after exposure to rain, while the full swivel base is made from moisture-resistant material. Finally, a removable rain cover offers further protection from the elements so as soon as the rain clears, you can sit amongst the clouds once more.
Mathieu Matégot
Mathieu Matégot’s designs often integrate industrial elements with mid-century sensibilities, and this theme continues with his outdoor dining series. Intended to capture the timeless glamour and exotic luxury of outdoor living on the Côte d’Azur in the mid-20th century, the Mategot Dining Chair has a distinctive visual lightness that finds balance between having a strong presence while integrating tasteful negative space. Like the rest of Mategot’s portfolio, the design includes playful and expressive undertones, showcasing the designer’s unique talent for imbuing personality and vibrancy into even the most functional pieces. Available in semi-matte black or white with accompanying upholstery.
Bill Curry
Obello’s sophistication and stylishness are impossible to deny. Chic and contemporary in every possible way, Obello is a single form, unifying the entire lamp as opposed to separating the shade from the base. Influenced by the visual form of a mushroom, designer Bill Curry took inspiration from the 1970s atomic age, space race, and pop culture in all of his designs. Though Curry tragically passed away the year Obello was designed, his legacy, creativity, and innovative spirit live on in this stunningly simple yet entirely captivating design.
The TS Table series has now been expanded to the outdoors, the luxurious tabletops, in beautifully veined white travertine, complement the sharp, geometric bases in powder-coated stainless steel, and enable the collection’s stylish interior aesthetic to cross the threshold into the open air. The outdoor tables occupy a relatively slim footprint, offering an elevated sense of minimalism and refinement. As the table ages, the travertine tabletop will continue to develop a gorgeous, characteristic patina, while the stone’s neutral color will remain effortlessly beautiful, especially when caught in the sunlight. Classic and current all at once, the TS Table outdoor collection offers a profoundly innovative solution in outdoor design.
Gubi Design Team
Highlighting the versatility and dynamic nature of solid wooden furniture, the Atmosfera table carries an organic beauty, and blends seamlessly into almost any outdoor setting. The natural wood caters to an al fresco dining experience that encourages connections to nature and the outdoors, without sacrificing beauty or elegance. Atmosfera’s construction is durable and incorporates the highest quality materials, ensuring that the design will endure through years of frequent use. While subtle and understated at first glance, Atmosfera is capable of becoming a statement piece and focal point in outdoor surroundings.